Text to Speech for Other Applications

Our customers typically use our text-to-speech products on their websites or in their mobile apps. But more and more customers are using our products in new and different ways, such as the few highlighted below.

Live Coverage

The Swedish daily newspaper, UNT.SE, uses a variety of ReadSpeaker services on both the normal and mobile versions of their websites. They also speech-enable their RSS feeds. Finally, they were the first daily newspaper in Sweden to add text to speech to their coverage of live sports events. View the UNT Live Coverage presentation for more information.

Avatars and Virtual Assistance

MIA (Mijn Internet Assistent) is a Dutch online virtual assistant that helps people use the internet.

Online Course Materials

Discovery Education Science Techbook is a comprehensive digital program for K-8 instruction that replaces traditional textbooks. ReadSpeaker text to speech is integrated seamlessly into the online text book with other tools that students can use to maximize the learning experience. ReadSpeaker also speech-enables the PDF exercises pages. Based on the 5E model of instruction (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate), Science Techbook ignites curiosity and enhances learning via a powerful, simple-to-use program.

Online Evaluations

Discovery Education Assessments are a variety of interim, formative, and diagnostic assessments offered through Discovery Education. They are available for kindergarten through high school and measure student progress and improve student achievement. ReadSpeaker text to speech is integrated into the assessments and can be used in various ways according to the student’s preference and/or level of accommodation, from reading the complete assessment to only reading editorially selected vocabulary.

Online Tests and Quizzes

CodeFast.fr is a French website where users can practice the written exam for the French driver’s license. The site’s more than 50 practice exams are all speech-enabled and available through a subscription to the site.