IoT and Connected Devices

Text to Speech plays a key role in giving devices that are increasingly smart and interconnected the voice they need to communicate naturally with humans.

ReadSpeaker products for IoT & Connected Device solutions:

ReadSpeaker TTS Engine SDK
Leverage our versatile SDK and easily add your choice of ReadSpeaker’s vast portfolio of high quality, lifelike TTS voices to your applications.
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ReadSpeaker TTS Embedded SDK & Mobile SDK
Our SDK includes the tools to create the best embedded speech applications on mobile devices and on any device imaginable.
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ReadSpeaker TTS Server SDK
Leverage our Server API and SDK to seamlessly integrate ReadSpeaker TTS voices in your client-server architecture and run your dynamic voice services efficiently.
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ReadSpeaker TTS products are a perfect fit for:

  • Smart Buildings: enable owners and occupants to monitor and manage all building features that have an impact on operations, energy footprint and overall comfort.
  • Digital Building Security: enables facility managers and business owners to lock and unlock doors remotely, manage key codes to grant or restrict access to employees or guests.
  • Portable health monitoring, electronic record keeping, pharmaceutical safeguards
    Inventory tracking, consumer behaviour analytics.
  • Locks and remote sensors leveraging biometrics and facial recognition.
  • Real-time analytics for supply chain and equipment, robotic machinery.
  • Wearable health trackers and monitors, smart clocks, phones, household appliances, televisions equipped with a text to speech app. Passenger and utility vehicles.