Navigation and Telematics

Choose ReadSpeaker and leverage the perfect TTS software in all your custom navigation applications for in-dash, smartphone and telematics applications, including advanced routing and guidance, connected and automated vehicles and vehicle and infrastructure monitoring and reporting.

ReadSpeaker products for Navigation and Telematics solutions:

ReadSpeaker TTS Engine SDK
Leverage our versatile SDK and easily add your choice of ReadSpeaker’s vast portfolio of high quality, lifelike TTS voices to your applications.
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ReadSpeaker TTS Embedded SDK & Mobile SDK
Our SDK includes the tools to create the best embedded speech applications on mobile devices and on any device imaginable.
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ReadSpeaker TTS Server SDK
Leverage our Server API and SDK to seamlessly integrate ReadSpeaker TTS voices in your client-server architecture and run your dynamic voice services efficiently.
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ReadSpeaker TTS products are a perfect fit for:

  • GPS and Sat Nav Devices: ReadSpeaker embedded TTS voices clearly and accurately pronounce directions so drivers reach their destination confidently and smartly.
  • Mobile Applications: These apps track buses, trains or planes in real-time and send passengers voice notifications to ensure their travel experience is a positive one.