Publishing & Media

Publishers and media providers can boost their business results by providing products in both written and audio formats, giving readers with busy lives more convenient fruition options, whether they’re in the gym, on the bus, etc.

VoiceText solutions for Publishing & Media:

VoiceText Engine SDK
Use our flexible, developer-friendly toolkit to integrate our portfolio of humanlike TTS voices seamlessly into your desktop or other PC-based applications.
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VoiceText Embedded SDK
Our complete development toolkit for creating the best synthetic speech applications on any kind of mobile or small-footprint device.
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VoiceText Server
Seamlessly integrate VoiceText’s synthetic voices in your client-server architecture and run your intelligent voice services efficiently.
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VoiceText TTS solutions are a perfect fit for:

Audio Books: enable users to listen to their favourite novel, follow along in a user manual or simply convert documents into audio for convenience and easy access.

Audio Enabled Websites: make access to text more convenient for all users by speech enabling your website—from universities to government agencies.

Mobile Applications: let users go hands free, so they can listen to text messages, social media feeds, eBooks, news articles, and more on their smartphone and tablet.

News Articles: enable users to stay up-to-date with current events by listening to breaking news articles on your smartphone or computer.

Training Modules: create engaging training modules with slides filled with rich media content, in an array of languages. Enable hover activation on certain slides and allow users to access audio clips when the graphic is triggered.