Transportation & Travel Announcement Systems

Deploying VoiceText TTS voices in passenger information systems – airports, stations, ports, platforms or bus stops – means delivering all the essential information passengers need to safely reach their destination. Keeping passengers and commuters informed with real time voice announcements of current location and information of interest, such as unexpected changes or delays to service or schedule, departures, arrivals, connections and more, on-board trains, planes, buses or at stops, stations, ports or airports, boosts efficiency and optimizes the travel experience.

VoiceText TTS solutions for Transportation & Travel Announcement Systems:

VoiceText Engine SDK
Our flexible, developer-friendly toolkit for integrating our humanlike TTS voices seamlessly into your desktop or other PC-based applications.
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VoiceText Embedded SDK
Our complete development toolkit for creating the best synthetic speech applications on any kind of mobile or small-footprint device.
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VoiceText Server
Seamlessly integrate VoiceText’s synthetic voices in your client-server architecture and run your intelligent voice services efficiently.
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VoiceText TTS solutions are a perfect fit for:

  • Station, airport, platform and gate travel announcements.
  • Port and ferry, terminal announcements.
  • Interactive Audio Kiosks: These devices help passengers and visitors get information on airports and train stations, purchase tickets for local public transport, or even entertainment. In security-risk areas, interactive panic buttons can often make a real difference.