VoiceText Server

Optimize your server-based application with VoiceText.

VoiceText Server enables flawless dynamic multithreaded speech sessions. Integrate VoiceText’s synthetic voices in your client-server architecture and run your intelligent speech services efficiently, interacting with the VoiceText speech server through a TCP/IP communication protocol, a command line tool or REST API. VoiceText Server is provided with a complete TTS engine and Server API, pronunciation lexicon and all the tools you need according to your specific server requirements.


> Web Admin Control Panel
Access the control panel wherever you are. Sign in to manage all the settings. Adjust the pitch, volume, speed, and pause. Enable and disable voice engines. Set maximum channels and more using the user-friendly web interface.

> Operating System and API Compatibility
Choose what works best for you—Windows or Linux. Integrating VoiceText Server into your application is easy and straightforward. Our server is designed to support all major APIs, including: Command Line Interface, REST web API, C-based APIs, Java, .NET.

> A choice of high-quality footprints
Depending on the level of definition you want to deploy in your application, our high-quality footprints range between 5 MB and 2 GB per voice.

> A variety of audio formats and sampling rates
We support the following audio formats and sampling rates: PCM, Wav, Ogg and MP3* (*using third party library) – 8 KHz or 16 KHz.

> Incremental Reporting
Break down your customers’ usage by speech requests, text length, response time from the server and more—and see how this data compares to usage over the past hour, day, week, or three months. VoiceText Server automatically generates a log file every 15 minutes, so you see what caused a traffic spike and when it occurred.

> Monitor Thread Usage in Real Time
No need to wait — track simultaneous speech synthesis occurring in real time and over time on a live graph.


Operating System Windows Server, Linux: CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL
Architecture Intel 32 and 64 bit
RAM 4 GB or more recommended
Voice Footprint 5 MB to 2.2 GB (depending on synthesis type and voice quality)


  • Announcement Systems
    Whether you’re managing a large-scale emergency, or routine voice broadcasting, effortlessly manage messages on the fly, repeat them as required, with the peace of mind that they will convey the message.
  • Audio File Production Systems
    Effortlessly create high quality audio files for any vertical application.
  • Education
    Cater to your students’ individual needs, so they can master new languages anytime, anywhere. Improve students’ reading and vocabulary through audio-driven educational games. Support employees to be prepared for any professional scenario through simulation training that is effective for auditory and visual learners alike.
  • Health Care
    Add text to voice to increase accuracy and efficiency in electronic prescriptions. Avoid medication errors and streamline prescription processing at the pharmacy.
  • Mobile Devices
    Have your text messages read aloud so you can be hands-free to drive, exercise or cook.
  • Telecommunications & CTI
    Manage your enterprise IVR systems effectively. Enable multiple voices running on VoiceText Server to handle call spikes and deliver the best customer experience in your Call Center or Contact Center. Update your service whenever you need to, at no extra cost.
  • PA & Travel Information Systems
    Equip train stations and airports with tts for real time voice announcements to accurately inform passengers of flight changes, departures, arrivals, etc.
  • Web Applications
    Convert your written text into high-quality audio on the fly for use in a variety of applications.