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Free trial of ReadSpeaker TextAid, in partnership with ABILITYMagazine

ability logoReadSpeaker partners with ABILITYMagazine to allow you to listen to the articles and content on ABILITYMagazine and related websites. Perhaps you have a need for a personalized reading solution that allows you to listen to any content. ReadSpeaker TextAid helps you face accessibility challenges with its read-aloud reading, writing, and studying tool, helping those with (learning) disabilities become more autonomous online. Have text read out loud in natural sounding voices while following along with highlighted text. Listen to a webpage, ebook, scanned document, or any other text with just one click. Even listen to text as you write. Or download an audio version to listen to later.

Try it for yourself. Sign up and start your free 14-day trial (no need for a credit card or to download anything).

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