TTS Software Use Cases

IoT & Connected Devices

Text to Speech has a key role to play in giving devices that are increasingly smart and interconnected the voice they need in order to communicate naturally with humans. Wearable health trackers and monitors, smart clocks, phones, household appliances, televisions, even vehicles, to name just a few, are all a part of the rapidly growing Internet of Things.

Robotics IconRobotics

Interactive robots are becoming available for use in the home, healthcare, education, entertainment, etc. They have come a long way since their ancestors, who specialised in industrial automation: they now interact directly with individuals, using human-like, verbal and non-verbal communication modalities. With ReadSpeaker TTS solutions for robotics, humanoid robots and avatars can interact with their humans so naturally that they are perceived as collaborators rather than things.


The big-ticket item, and still as important as ever. Text to speech opens the online world – and beyond – for people with learning disabilities, visual impairments, and literacy challenges. The internet should be accessible to everyone, and text to speech helps make that goal a reality. You can help your customer turn text-based content into accessible audio.

Inclusive ATM Banking Services

Text to speech can transform ATMs into multifunctional service points for customers who have difficulty reading screens. Easy to deploy for tailored, real-time information communicated clearly, in your customer’s own language.

Education and E-Learning

Text to speech provides an easy way to convert learning and test-based content into a format that is both more effective and less costly to roll out.


With text to speech, you can save content and listen to it whenever your schedule allows it. Human-like text to speech also works on gaming consoles, apps, and entertainment websites.

Health Care

Text to speech offers numerous benefits for home and public healthcare, from reading prescription labels to providing instructions on using medical devices, to GP or specialist appointment reminders to name but a few.

Media Notifications

Text to speech allows you to reach the maximum audience when you broadcast critical information but also newsworthy content.


Text to speech makes it easier to provide services and solutions that can enhance people’s daily travel experiences and optimise resources and safety.


Text to speech allows you to customize your company’s services – be they IVR, web or mobile-based – with voices that provide your customers an engaging customer experience.