TTS Solutions

Development & Embedded TTS

Choose a ReadSpeaker Software Development Toolkit (SDK) and effortlessly add text-to-speech (TTS) capability to your next project. Bring your content to life as you focus on your users’ needs. Our SDK includes all the tools developers need for easy text to speech integration, including example programs with source code for the most popular programming languages and platforms, from iOS to Linux.  We are dedicated to supporting developers roll out flexible, world-class services with the best text to speech on the market.

ReadSpeaker TTS gives you the power to:

  • Engage users in their own languages, intuitively, naturally and accurately. We offer male and female voices in many languages, including regional variants of French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese;
  • Choose among the most widely used programming languages and development platforms. The ReadSpeaker SDK is compatible with Android, Windows, OSx, iOS, Linux, and Linux Embedded;
  • Develop for a wide range of devices and applications – from TV set-top boxes to ATMs and mobile apps, to name a few.
  • Give your users the benefit of offline voice content for reading, mobile apps, software use and more – without an internet connection by embedding TTS.

We believe in making the job easier for developers. Regardless of the type of project you are working on, our SDK/embedded SDK solutions are designed with your needs in mind and provide you with all the tools you’ll need to effortlessly integrate text-to-speech into your next project.

  • Whether you’re developing software or hardware for the IoT, transportation, healthcare, education – or any vertical market –the more usable and accessible it is, the better user experience you’ll be giving people.
  • ReadSpeaker SDKs are perfect for the most popular platforms and for local server solutions.
  • Easily install and integrate ReadSpeaker TTS software into your server architecture and enjoy the wide-ranging benefits that come with giving your server the power of speech. Use as a server-based web service or generate speech from a command line application.
  • TTS adds functionality, versatility, and accessibility to any text-based content. For users with learning disabilities, literacy challenges, visual impairments, and second-language learners, TTS often makes all the difference and truly enhances the user experience.
  • Forget the costly complexity of studio recordings! Roll out highly cost-effective services right away, in a wide array of languages from around the world. Put our TTS voices to the test: you’ll find it hard to believe they’re not human.

Server TTS

Server TTS produces speech either from a command line application or as a web service if used from behind a web server. A TCP/IP client/server protocol is supported on the Linux version.

Server TTS installations are licensed on an annual basis according to the volume/capacity and the specific use case. Volume/capacity is a combination of generation speed and number of simultaneous generations.

APIs and Cloud TTS

If you’d like all the benefits of speech-enabling your services without downloading software, check out our  TTS Production services, which include ReadSpeaker TTS Production API and ReadSpeaker speechmaker.   ReadSpeaker offers cloud services and APIs for all of your production and development needs. We provide multiple pricing options including rental and subscription packages.

Our Streaming Web API allows you to access your voices in your web or mobile app, without bundling the full text-to-speech engine for easy development and a nimbler application.

Online Audio Production puts the power of a text-to-speech studio at your fingertips, allowing you to move from log-in to production in seconds.

Our HTTP-based Production Web API is ideal for developers, it provides a simple, automated method for generating audio files with our text-to-speech technology.