ReadSpeaker TextAid for Educational Use

The Best in Literacy Support for Struggling Readers

The task of helping struggling readers stay motivated and at grade level is a difficult one. ReadSpeaker TextAid helps teachers and institutions face accessibility challenges with its read-aloud reading, writing, and studying tool, helping those with learning disabilities become confident, autonomous learners.

“I’m a reader!”

ReadSpeaker TextAid uses bimodal presentation and aspects of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to let students listen to an audio version of content while reading along with the highlighted text. This text can come from websites, emails, scanned documents, textbooks, PDFs and more. Students can listen to any text with just one click of the ‘Listen’ button.

Reading and Writing

  • Copy and paste in any text to have it readChromebook compatible text to speech solutions
  • Listen to text in uploaded documents
  • Read scanned documents and images
  • One-click webreading with the ‘TextAid Web Reader’
  • Have the text highlighted as you read
  • Adjustable reading speed
  • Read in 21 languages
  • Reading ruler and screen masking help you focus on the text
  • Talking Calculator reads numbers and calculations
  • Customizable text display provides more comfortable reading, with different fonts including OpenDyslexic
  • Have the text read back to you as you type. Includes spell check.
  • Download an audio file to listen to at any time


  • Translate text into 20+ languages.
  • Save text and documents to your personal library and retrieve it at any time
  • Perform a web search on selected words or text

ReadSpeaker TextAid gives teachers extensive management and reporting tools:

  • Coordinators can manage groups and users, share documents, activate/deactivate certain features, and appoint other coordinators.
  • Access to full, detailed statistics for all users.

Complete Feature List

Student using ReadSpeaker Text AidAnd it is a 100% web-based solution. That means no downloads and the ability to use it anytime, anywhere, and on any device, whether in the classroom, at home or on the go. Students can access a reading assignment at school, and then log back in at home and complete their homework. ReadSpeaker TextAid even reads to a student as he writes.

ReadSpeaker TextAid fully supports integration into an LMS as an “LTI Tool”. All LTI capable LMSs are supported, such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas and Moodle. This means that TextAid can be made available to students through the LMS without the need for special user registration/sign-up or additional login. It supports both automatic registration as well as non-automatic registration. It is also possible to allow or disallow external login (login to TextAid outside of the LMS).

Literacy software uses text-to-speech technology to allow students to listen to an audio version of any written content while following along with the highlighted text.

How Technology Enhances Literacy Learning

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