ReadSpeaker offers a wide variety of solutions to cater to the needs of our customers and their many different content projects.

We have different pricing models and can customize our pricing to meet your business needs as best as possible. We can also work with many types of pricing models, including revenue sharing, usage based, and other metrics according to your business needs. We apply discounts for volume purchases, marketing activities, and/or longer term contracts. Please contact us for any pricing requests.

Audio Production and Application Development Solutions

Our Audio Production and Application Development solutions are priced on a per character or number of speech hours basis. We offer discounts based on volume levels.

Accessible Publishing Solutions

Our Accessible Publishing solutions are priced per page or per number of speech hours generated with discounts based on volume levels.

Web, Online Document, and Form Reading Solutions

Our flagship product, ReadSpeaker webReader, comes with a one-time setup fee and an annual rental service fee. Depending on the segment, the annual service fee is calculated differently.

  • For local/regional government, there are pricing brackets determined by the number of inhabitants.
  • For educational institutions, there are pricing brackets determined by the number of (FTE) students.
  • For all other clients with websites/online environments, the number of pageviews per month drive the pricing table.

Our Online Document and Form Reading products have a similar pricing structure. For our US Federal Government customers: ReadSpeaker products can be purchased through GSA Schedule 70 No. GS-35F-0119Y (Carahsoft). Discounts are offered for nonprofit organizations as well as for multi-year contracts, framework contracts involving several websites, and marketing visibility.