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Text to speech pricing

Flexible, bespoke text-to-speech pricing provides the exact solution for your needs


Pricing Model

Our pricing models serve customers of any size, whether a start-up looking for their own speech synthesis solution or a major brand looking to create a custom voice.

we develop and build the technology we offer to our customers, allowing us flexibility in our pricing

varying pricing models, including traffic or usage-based, total activations, and enrollment

pricing tiers and discounts for volume purchases, marketing activities, or long-term contracts allow your organization to scale needs with predictable pricing

modules allow for flexibility in pricing and the ability to create the perfect voice solution, whatever your needs

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Our clients

Our pricing model has met the needs of over 10,000 customers worldwide

ReadSpeaker Online

An annual licensing fee, with variable pricing based on metrics that work best for your organization.

local/regional governments based on the number of inhabitants

educational institutions determined by the number of (FTE) students

news agencies and media based on activations, volume of speech, or page views

publishing per page, number of audiobooks or speech hours generated

websites and online environments based on the number of page views

Illustration of a smartphone voice a microphone insde and three icons of Chat bubble, Music score and sound graph

ReadSpeaker for Education

We serve schools as small as 500 students and can scale to over 100,000.

LMS Integration
  • based on full time enrollment (FTEs)
  • a one time setup fee
  • on-going support
  • tools based training
Individual licenses
  • individual, non-institutional subscriptions start at $4/month
  • multi-user licenses are based on number of users
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ReadSpeaker Enterprise
Text to Speech Audio Generator and Authoring Tool

Tailored pricing options for cost-efficient speech generation are available to suit any need.

Volume of speech (speech hours, number of characters).

Licenses - a recurring or one-time fee based on the number of licenses, license capacity, contract duration, languages, voice quality, and volume of speech

Custom for larger quantities of production time, multiple voices, or other business models than strictly capacity based.

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A variety of business models and integration options are available depending on the solution:

Subscription monthly, quarterly, or annual fee for in-cloud or on-premise access
License a license for use on-premise, embedded, or in the Cloud
Pay-per-use charge based on the number of requests, characters, or speech hours consumed

Custom Voice and Voice Cloning

A scalable pricing approach that fits your needs for exclusive custom voice branding in the audio-first world

  • One-time development fee
  • A License fee depending on the Licensed Solution adopted
  • Voice actor, rights, and studio recording based on actual costs
  • Extra services upon request: additional speaking styles, multilingual support, voice talent scouting and evaluation, and porting for non-supported platforms.
For all solutions additional options are available:
  • A one-time setup fee may apply for complex solutions
  • Software maintenance and technical support fees may be added depending on the required solution and service level
  • Integration, Consultancy, and Training Services are available and charged hourly
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Questions you should be asking while choosing a voice technology partner:

We offer comprehensive support for our products so our customers can meet their objectives. We provide engineering oversight and integration help so customers can get up and running fast.

We serve customers in dozens of countries throughout the world. Global companies need support for sometimes as many as 40 languages and regional dialects. We devote resources to delivering the best quality voices to provide choice to our customers.

We employ top linguists to work in concert with our engineers to consistently deliver top-quality voices. Originally our company developed human-sounding voices using unit selection synthesis and we have improved on that technology by building voices with the latest in machine learning technology. TTS is not a commodity and building lifelike voices is much more difficult than the robotic voices of the past.

Sometimes voices have trouble pronouncing irregular chemical symbols, math, proper nouns or homographs. Our technology allows for customizable dictionary entries to guide the TTS. This allows customers to use rules written by us, or them, to ignore content they wish to skip, or permanently correct names or symbols with a simple interface. ReadSpeaker has specialized rules purpose-built for math reading. It is important to consider how customizable the platform you are building on is.

Some providers make it difficult or impossible to reach engineers or linguists. TTS technology has such broad appeal that businesses and organizations are using it for so many things. Sometimes some customization of words or technology is needed. Being able to work with real developers and linguists during a time crunch can be very important.

Custom voice represents an important new segment in the market. Customers will often “graduate” from off-the-shelf voices to a brand-specific persona. Developing custom voice requires an in-house team with experience. It is often easier to stay with a provider you trust to.

TTS usage rights is an important consideration when choosing a provider or development agency. This is because custom voices often require substantial investment, not just in money but in marketing collateral, development, and deployment. Institutions need to consider whether they are simply “renting” the voice they paid for from an agency or if it is something they own outright. ReadSpeaker has no technical lock-in for custom voices and while we are there for all aspects of the process including recording, tabulating, and production, the voice belongs solely to the customer and we retain no rights.

It’s important to look for a voice provider that will be your partner as your strategy and usage grow. Flexibility in product offering, as well as TTS pricing and customization, is essential to a successful voice strategy.

Important Considerations When Purchasing A TTS Solution

For text-to-speech technology, price is not the same as value. Important considerations when choosing a plan and provider include voice quality, support, pricing structure, customizability, and stability. ReadSpeaker has developed solutions for over 20 years and has invaluable expertise. We own and develop our technology and partner with our customers to support them in using text-to-speech technology to drive their business initiatives. These partnerships inform how we implement our solutions and our pricing.

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