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Branded AI Voices for Fintech

Stand out from the fintech crowd with a unique, lifelike AI voice: a custom branded TTS voice from ReadSpeaker.

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The Rise of Voice Tech in Finance and Banking

The banking industry isn’t just changing; it has changed. Fintech has successfully popularized digital financial services, in partnership and competition with traditional banks. Either way, the public now expects quick, 24/7 service through websites, mobile devices, phones, smart speakers, and more. But what gets lost when you ditch the brick-and-mortar?

Too often, it’s the personal touch. Digital interactions can obscure your brand identity, creating a field of lookalikes that compete on the same range of services.

To build lasting relationships with banking customers, fintechs must present a distinctive brand personality everywhere. With rising adoption of conversational AI—voicebots for your app, contact center, ATM, and more—that means a text-to-speech (TTS) voice that belongs to you alone.

smiling woman talking to a voicebot holding credit card

Like any brand, a neobank is only as strong as its customer relationships. Unlike traditional banks, fintechs keep most interactions digital, connecting through websites, contact centers, mobile apps, ATMs, and more.

Conversational AI is the key to taking these interactions to scale. Intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) reduce contact-center wait times dramatically, and deliver outstanding customer service 24/7. Interactive voice ads increase brand memorability by 11%. Owned virtual assistants provide constant support—and continuous brand interactions.

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Fintech and Conversational AI by the Numbers

  • 80% Percentage of surveyed leaders in banking and financial services who consider voice technology to be crucial for future brand success.
  • 379% Growth rate for interactions with Erica, Bank of America’s voice-enabled virtual assistant, across the first year of the pandemic.
  • $7.3 billion Estimated global savings to banks, between 2019 and 2023, through the use of conversational AI.
  • 98% Growth differential in customer lifetime value (CLV) for companies that use intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) versus those that do not.
  • 250% Rise in customer satisfaction rates with IVAs versus without.
Fintech end user enjoying a mobile banking experience

Fintech AI Voices from ReadSpeaker

Ready to automate your contact center with an intelligent voice assistant (IVA)? Introduce lobby-leading AI teller kiosks to a branch? Or just bring brand personality to your ATM’s accessibility features? Regardless of how you use voice tech, ReadSpeaker provides lifelike AI voices—warm, natural TTS developed on advanced neural networks—that drive brand engagement.

Custom Branded Voices

A personalized synthetic voice lets you scale brand recognition along with customer service.

Voice Cloning

If you already have a brand representative in mind, ReadSpeaker can create an accurate, fully-authorized synthetic model of any chosen voice.

Ready-made TTS

Not quite ready for a new custom TTS voice? Choose from over 110 distinctive TTS voices, available in over 35 languages (and counting).

All these solutions are virtually indistinguishable from human speakers, improving customer experiences with every conversation.

How Banking TTS Improves Customer Experiences

Voice is the only element of speech-first tech that customers experience directly. When a voicebot sounds unnatural, user satisfaction rates suffer, no matter how brilliant the backend software. In voice channels, speech is the customer experience.

  • Flawless Pronunciation

    From custom pronunciation dictionaries to ongoing linguist support, ReadSpeaker ensures your voicebots get the language of banking right. Few TTS providers can say the same.

  • Multilingual Synthetic Speech

    Global fintechs need global communication, but many TTS voices are language-specific. Multilingual TTS makes your custom voice into a polyglot.

  • Natural Speaking Styles

    ReadSpeaker’s dynamic TTS engine eliminates the telltale sign of a bot: unnatural pitch variations. And expressive augmentation brings emotional intelligence to your AI.

  • Full Privacy

    Privacy in fintech is essential. That’s why ReadSpeaker TTS solutions don’t collect any data, neither from you nor your clients.

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