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Text to Speech for Publishers

Extend the Reach of Content Increase Engagement and Accessibility Augment Platform Usage… ...At a Fraction of the Cost of Human Voice Talent

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Listen to e-books, academic journals, research articles, assessments and more, using highlighting and personalizable learning tools that are WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.


Fine-tuned pronunciation dictionaries, customizable API integrations and SDK solutions, and flexible business models. See some of our highly flexible integrations .

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Listening on any device, online, offline, or on the go, increases engagement with your content.

50+ Languages, 200+ Voices

High quality, award-winning, natural-sounding voices .

Instantly create an audio version of …

Courses, PDF, ebooks, math equation, web research, training materials, quizzes, assignments and more. Discover all the features of our text-to-speech software and SaaS solutions, which are compatible with all devices.

Listen button with extended player and menu with descriptions of the webReader features.Listen button with extended player and menu with descriptions of the webReader features.

Listen Button and Player
Listen to content, read along with the highlighted text, adjust the reading speed and volume, and more
Personalize highlighting colors, keyboard shortcuts, and more
Click and Listen
Click on text to have it read aloud
Enlarge Text
See the text being read in a larger font
Text Mode
Read distraction-free in your preferred font, size, and colors
Page Mask
Read along as you listen with a moveable focus bar
Download mp3
Download audio for offline listening
Easy-to-understand instructions for all features
Options for Selected Text
Listen to or translate selected text or look up words
Reading Voice
Choose a voice from the list of available voices

ReadSpeaker speech enables the content of over 100 publishers in 20 countries around the world.

ReadSpeaker provides over 10 million hours of audio to Publishing listeners per year.

Voted ‘Most Accurate TTS Voices’ by Voice Information Associates.

Content is read accurately by utilizing customer-specific pronunciation dictionaries.

Publishers have full control of the user experience (UX), defining the reading area, the reading order, and identifying content that should be skipped.

Try our Pronunciation Services demo

“ReadSpeaker offers great text-to-speech functionality with the best and most natural voices available on the market. Integration of ReadSpeaker solutions is very easy, but if needed there is a dedicated support team available for all your questions.”Read how leading publisher Van In is using ReadSpeaker text to speech to improve their content: View customer story

“The addition of ReadSpeaker text to speech to the Silverchair Universe reinforces our commitment to content accessibility for all of our users. As accessibility awareness continues to be at the forefront in the scholarly publishing world, we’re thrilled to partner with ReadSpeaker to deliver this crucial functionality to Silverchair’s clients.”
– Jake Zarnegar, Chief Product Officer, Silverchair

About pronunciation fine-tuning: The ReadSpeaker team accesses the content through our digital platform so that they can hear the issues with audio in context, then they apply the correction to Cengage’s library, and finally they return to the content to verify that the pronunciation has been applied properlyHaving a team that is readily available and easy to work with has been vital. ReadSpeaker’s support and technical resources have been extremely helpful in implementing this service into our program.” View customer story

We work with leading education suppliers and platform solution providers

“With today’s education evolution, it is imperative that we ensure that the digital learning content is made accessible globally, and text-to-speech conversion has an important role to play in this ecosystem. ReadSpeaker brings realistic read aloud capability that its competition does not.”
– Rishiraj Gera, Head of Content Solutions for Magic EdTech

Everything You Need to Enhance Your Content with Audio

Online Web Reading

ReadSpeaker webReader

Instantly convert online content to lifelike speech. A feature-rich, customizable player provides additional value to users

Increase usability and make content more accessible

Add a unique selling factor to your content and platform

Make content interactive and increase platform usage

Present content in a way that increases comprehension

Meet the needs of more users, such as those with visual impairments, reading difficulties, and non-native language speakers

Provide personalizable text-to-speech tools

Online Document Reading

ReadSpeaker docReader

Make online documents (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, EPUB, Apache OpenOffice, and more) audible and more accessible to as many learners as possible. Documents can be listened to on any device at any time.

Offline Audio Files

ReadSpeaker speechMaker

Automatically and seamlessly create high-quality, natural-sounding audio files. Enrich e-learning and training materials or create audio books for accessibility or enhanced learning.

Make it easier for learners to access materials on mobile devices

Read math and science text without the need for SSML

Offer built-in automated translation

Quick and easy, seamless, and customizable integration. See more

Near Faultless, Fine-tuned Pronunciation

Our linguists assist with industry-specific pronunciations, providing close to perfect reading. Our fine-tuning service provides excellent pronunciation, a customized dictionary, and customer-specific rules, reducing the need for speech synthesis markup language (SSML).

We're a Team

We take the time to understand your strategy, creating a specific plan for your requirements. We assist you through software development, integration, and hosting, allowing you to customize how your content is read, while respecting the integrity of your brand.

Excellent Support

With over 20 years of experience, our highly-skilled development and support teams are here to help during implementation. We can assist in maintenance, upgrades, and additional implementations.

Standards First Pledge

We are proud supporters of the Standards First Pledge. As part of a committed community that makes open standards the first and primary choice for education technology integrations, we advocate for standards-based integrations. We believe that achieving and promoting official product certification to open standards enables a better edtech ecosystem and community and believe in fair and open business practices for suppliers. We are passionate about this cause and have taken the Standards First pledge to confirm our support. Find out more about Standards First.

Standards First Pledge Signatory

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FAQs about Text to Speech in Publishing

ReadSpeaker Text to Speech gives a voice to ebooks and learning platforms, reading any digital content (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, EPUB3, Apache OpenOffice, OCR images and more).

Contact us for a free demo or for a customized plan for using text to speech for your organization or learning platform.

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API, as a streaming or production API, can be used by publishers and content creators.

ReadSpeaker Text to Speech licenses can be used in a commercial context. Contact us for more details.

*Terms of Service - This demo is for evaluation purposes only; commercial use is strictly forbidden. No static audio files may be produced, downloaded, or distributed. The background music in the voice demo is not included with the purchased product.

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