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Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices

A TTS voice doesn’t just represent your brand; it’s a direct brand experience. Elevate that experience with lifelike TTS voices from ReadSpeaker.

Great text-to-speech (TTS) voices build trust with every conversation. ReadSpeaker offers more than 110 true-to-life TTS voices, in over 35 languages, all ready to deploy today. Our deep neural networks (DNN) produce some of the most authentic, expressive TTS voices on the market, while our exclusive team of computational linguists ensure perfect pronunciation for every word. ReadSpeaker has been at the forefront of machine speech technology since 1999, and we continue to provide an ideal user experience in all your voice channels—from automated customer service phone lines to your latest smart speaker app.

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Choose Your TTS Voice

The best way to evaluate a TTS voice is to listen. Find samples of ReadSpeaker’s ready-made TTS voices here. Because audiences respond to familiar speech, we offer a variety of dialects for multiple languages. In English, that includes a range of accents: American, Australian, British, Indian, Scottish, and South African. In French, choose between Canadian and European dialects. You can also sample male and female TTS voices in dozens of languages from Arabic to Welsh. If you don’t find a language, dialect, or speaking style you need, contact us or learn about our custom TTS voices here.

ReadSpeaker TTS Voices: Flexibility For Scalability

Many TTS providers serve a single solution to every challenge. They might only deliver TTS through the cloud, or produce only resource-intensive DNN voices. At ReadSpeaker, we start with your goals, then choose the technology to match. Here are just a few of the technologies and processes that set us apart:
  • DNN TTS and Unit Selection Synthesis (USS)

    We train voice models with proprietary neural networks, an advanced form of machine learning. This creates the most convincingly human TTS voices, but can require significant computing resources to deploy. That’s why we also offer voices constructed with USS, an alternate TTS technology that creates a lighter processing footprint for offline and low-resource use.

  • Platform-agnostic speech engines

    We provide speech engines that operate through the cloud, from your servers, or embedded in devices. This allows you to use your chosen TTS voice across all your audio touchpoints, regardless of digital infrastructure.

  • Customer-driven contracts

    Pay by brackets of usage, per device, or as a subscription. Buy a solution outright, with or without maintenance plans. We work with you to write a contract built for mutual success.

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We also offer a range of specific TTS technologies.

  • Choose a SaaS engine for instant TTS access without involving your IT department.
  • License a software development kit (SDK) to build TTS capability into your app or product.
  • Install our text-to-speech software to create your own voice audio files whenever you need them.
  • A word about privacy: ReadSpeaker TTS solutions never collect user data. Our products comply with the GDPR and other privacy laws—and because we don’t collect user information for any reason, they always will.

TTS Voices for Any Application

ReadSpeaker TTS voices provide consistent user experiences across all your voice touchpoints—on the web, over the phone, and even within devices. Voice touchpoints that benefit from ReadSpeaker TTS include:
Digital accessibility features
Voice commerce apps
Interactive voice response (IVR) systems
Voice-enabled devices
Smart speaker apps
Experiential marketing campaigns
Mobile voice apps
Virtual assistants/Voice bots
Guidance and navigation
Video game development

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