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Automotive Applications

Learn how ReadSpeaker’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology can be applied to the automotive industry by providing customized solutions for in-car voice assistants

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Voice Sample

“I've turned on your seat warmer and increased the driver side temperature to 75 degrees according to your preferred settings. I've also located a rapid charging station nearby that will allow you to recharge in time for your 2:00 pm appointment. Would you like me to provide navigation?”

Lifelike Speech for Your Car Voice Assistant

From onboard GPS to branded in-car voice assistants, drivers are increasingly talking to their vehicles—and those vehicles are talking back. The question is, how will you provide the best possible user experience for your in-car computing products? Voice itself is a key component.

Voice control technology in cars relies on text to speech (TTS) as the sole point of connection between drivers and their in-car systems—the actual substance of the conversation and the literal voice of your brand. Give drivers a voice with personality; a voice that represents your brand alone; a lifelike, emotionally responsive TTS voice from ReadSpeaker AI.

Car voice assistants create a personal connection with drivers. Place your brand squarely on the other side of the conversation with ReadSpeaker AI’s custom TTS voices.

Bringing Car Voice Assistants to Global Markets

Voice control is crucial for a safe, enjoyable driving experience. As automotive manufacturers focus on smart car technology, they’re building powerful conversational interfaces into their infotainment systems. Third-party manufacturers are doing the same with in-car devices. These systems allow drivers to get directions, swap out music, place phone calls, and more—all without taking their hands off the wheel. It’s an on-road revolution.

That helps explain why nearly half of all U.S. adults use smart car assistants. In Germany and the U.K., more than 50 million drivers use voice-based infotainment and virtual assistant technologies. This is a global phenomenon, and manufacturers of both cars and in-car devices must take notice. And because of this international focus, car voice assistants need to be multilingual. ReadSpeaker AI offers natural, customizable TTS voices in more than 35 languages and counting—perfect for device makers and automotive companies with global footprints.

TTS Solutions for Automotive Applications

Driver-Centered Speech from the Leader in Independent TTS

Voice is a direct line to identity—and that includes brand identity. When you build an in-car conversational system that sounds like Alexa, Amazon sits in the passenger seat. To stand out in a crowded field, go with an independent partner like ReadSpeaker AI. We express your brand with TTS solutions to match any in-car experience.

Custom Branded Voices

Construct a never-before-heard voice for your in-car experience. ReadSpeaker’s VoiceLab can match your brand traits with an original TTS voice.

Ready-Made Text to Speech

Looking for something different from over-familiar TTS voices but don’t have time to work from scratch? The ReadSpeaker AI TTS library contains more than 110 lifelike options.

Voice Cloning

Already have a brand spokesperson? Add their voice to in-car devices with voice cloning on our proprietary deep neural networks.

Of course, text to speech is just one part of the smart car assistant. We also work with partners like SoundHound and Telenav to bring conversational AI—including the latest in automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology—to in-car solutions.

Focusing on the In-Car Experience

We’re not just a TTS provider. We’re also a pioneering organization with a 20-year history of pushing the science of synthetic speech forward in transportation and other environments. Our speech scientists are always working on ways to make TTS stand out against background noise, an essential consideration for in-car experiences. But that’s far from our only advantage. Partner with ReadSpeaker AI for:

  • Emotional TTS Expression

    Add some warmth to your car voice assistant. ReadSpeaker AI’s TTS can sound cheerful, calmly professional, or sympathetic, all according to the situation. That makes a better, more human experience for the driver.

  • Cloud-Based and Embedded TTS Engines

    Most TTS voices rely on a stable internet connection to perform. With embedded TTS from ReadSpeaker AI, you can ensure your system is always ready to talk—even when drivers leave coverage areas.

  • AI-Driven Quality

    ReadSpeaker AI uses proprietary deep neural networks to achieve more lifelike, natural, and pleasing TTS voices. This neural TTS is future-proof, with updatable voice models that improve with the technology.

  • Full Privacy

    We never collect data through our TTS solutions, ensuring privacy for our customers and your end users. Not every TTS vendor can say the same.

What Sets ReadSpeaker Apart?

“At bol.com, we are constantly focusing on what we can do better for our customers. Experimenting with innovations in voice helps us to better understand what our customers prefer and how we can make their lives a little bit easier. We chose ReadSpeaker to help us with that for the humanlike quality of its custom voices, its expertise and customer-oriented approach.”

Vera Rensink

Business Developer at bol.com

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