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Celebrating 25 Years of Voice! 🎉

Custom Text-to-Speech (TTS) Voices

Partner with ReadSpeaker to create your very own custom text-to-speech (TTS) voice for deployment across various digital touchpoints.

Smart speakers, voice bots, talking toasters—the Internet of Voice is here, and you need machine speech to participate. Make sure that speech is unforgettable with custom text-to-speech (TTS) voices from ReadSpeaker.

We train all-new TTS models on proprietary deep neural networks to produce lifelike, engaging, and unique custom voices that express your brand’s chosen characteristics with precision.

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Crafting TTS Voices Since 1999

We’ve been crafting TTS voices since 1999. In 2020, we built on that experience to open the ReadSpeaker VoiceLab, a team of linguists and computer scientists dedicated to building bespoke TTS voice solutions for brands and creators in every field. Let us translate your brand identity into an original TTS voice you can deploy across all your voice channels.

How We Build Your Custom TTS Voice

  • Assessment

    The Architecture.

    – Where do you need to deploy your voice—on servers, embedded in devices, on the cloud, or all three? We make sure you have the right technology to  meet your goals  even if those goals are variable .

    The Brand.

    – ReadSpeaker identifies your brand characteristics and establishes voice specifications to match them. If your brand is rugged and outdoorsy, for instance, you might want a gravelly, low-pitched voice expression.

    The Variations.

    – We’ll identify the desired speaking styles of your TTS voice, giving it the speech patterns of a newscaster, a video game character, a helpful assistant, or anything else.

  • Construction


    – ReadSpeaker will find a voice actor who embodies your brand traits and record him or her reading a training script. Less than three hours of speech is enough to give our TTS model the full range of a language. 


    – Using the audio recordings and their associated transcriptions, we create the deployable voice by training the model to recognize which letters correspond to which sounds. 


    – Industry jargon? No problem. We’ll tweak TTS engines to pronounce brand names, slogans, and technical terms correctly every time.

  • Deployment


    – Test and tweak your custom TTS voice for as long as you need. When you’re completely satisfied, we’ll proceed with roll-out. 


    – The ReadSpeaker VoiceLab works with your IT departments to install solutions for every channel. 


    – We’re always available to make adjustments and troubleshoot technical challenges, ensuring you obtain full value from your branded TTS voice.

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Why Choose Custom TTS from ReadSpeaker?

After more than two decades of innovation, ReadSpeaker remains on the leading edge of machine speech technology. We offer:
  • Global experience with local impact

    We serve more than 10,000 customers in over 60 nations, and have crafted voices in more than 35 languages (including multiple dialects). We create regionally appropriate expressions of your custom TTS voice, meeting your audience wherever they live.

  • Ongoing linguist support

    Our team of computational linguists strive to achieve perfect pronunciation. We don’t just ship your custom voice and move on; we partner for long-term success with updatable custom pronunciation dictionaries and assistance from our linguists.

  • Platform-agnostic deployment

    We offer a variety of TTS engines that run on the cloud, local servers, or even embedded in devices. That means your custom voice is available wherever you need it—including tomorrow’s new media technologies.

  • Instant brand recognition

    Brands that don’t have a custom voice all sound the same in the voice interface. Consumers recognize your custom voice instantly in the voice interface, helping your brand voice stand out from the crowd.

  • Full privacy

    Our customers’ and end users’ privacy is key. While other TTS vendors may run analytics on the data that flows through their solutions, any intelligence on content run through the ReadSpeaker platform stays with our clients.

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More Than 20 Years Of Experience

Custom Voices For Custom Voice Experiences

Build your brand across any or all of these touchpoints with a recognizable synthetic voice—a custom TTS voice from ReadSpeaker.

Voice technology continues to evolve. Our deep neural network (DNN) TTS technology grows with it, providing an authentic brand experience across your entire voice ecosystem. Here are a few channels brands are using to build consumer relationships with custom TTS voices:

Smart Speaker
Voice Commerce
Online Voice Bots
Interactive voice response (IVR) systems
Public Announcement Systems
Voice-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices
Independent Virtual Assistant Personas
Guidance and Navigation Systems
Digital Accessibility Features

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