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Customer Story
Royal School of Artillery

The Training Innovation Centre at the Royal School of Artillery uses ReadSpeaker text to speech.

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A soldier in front of technological equipment
Customer Story
Colorado Theological Seminary

Colorado Theological Seminary uses ReadSpeaker text to speech to make their courses more accessible and inclusive.

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A woman uses a laptop on a sofa
Customer Story
Western Cape Government

The Western Cape Government website chose ReadSpeaker webReader to improve digital inclusion. Learn why in this case study.

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A black woman on a laptop
Customer Story
Alecto Baby HeeHee

What if your child’s favorite plush toy could speak? Now it can, thanks to Alecto Baby and text to speech from ReadSpeaker.

Discover how Alecto uses TTS for their products
A teddy bear in the foreground with a bright Christmas decor background
Customer Story
Blackberry® AtHoc®

BlackBerry AtHoc, the most secure crisis communication system, has trusted NeoSpeech for text-to-speech solutions for over 8 years.

Discover how BlackBerry AtHoc integrate Text to Speech
A half-closed computer that illuminates with a blue light
Customer Story
The Tarn Group

The Tarn Group chose NeoSpeech’s Bridget, a UK English female voice, for their elearning platform.

Discover how The Tarn Group integrate Text to Speech
Two men on a couch looking at a computer and laughing
Customer Story
Kyoei Sangyo

ReadSpeaker is used in Kyoei Sangyo’s reception and information robot system.

Discover how Kyoei Sangyo integrate Text to Speech
A white robot hand stretched forward
Customer Story

In three months, the Voicebot created by ReadSpeaker helps at least 100 VGZ customers per day by answering their questions.

Discover how VGZ integrate Text to Speech
A doctor holding a smartphone in his hands
Customer Story
Sanyo Electric Railway

Sanyo Electric Railway Adopts ReadSpeaker as The Voice of its Onboard Train Announcement System.

Discover how Sanyo Electric Railway integrate Text to Speech
A white train stopped on a platform
Customer Story
Amedia Corporation

ReadSpeaker’s speech synthesis software has been selected as the text-to-speech engine for the speech readers developed by Amedia Corporation.

Discover how Amedia Corporation integrate Text to Speech
A computer with a braille system
Customer Story
Bank of Beirut

Find out how Bank of Beirut was able to provide their services anywhere, anytime harnessing the power of ReadSpeaker TTS AI-driven voices.

Discover how Bank of Beirut integrate Text to Speech
A man in front of a computer holds a bank card in his hand
Customer Story
MSC Cruises

MSC Virtuosa robot bartender with ReadSpeaker AI voices Conversational Humanoid Robotic Bartender Entertains Guests at the MSC Virtuosa Starship Club.

Discover how MSC Cruises integrate Text to Speech
A cruise ship on the sea with a sunset
Customer Story
Los Angeles Pacific University

ReadSpeaker enhances course accessibility and helps drive student success for Los Angeles Pacific University.

Discover how Los Angeles Pacific University integrate Text to Speech
Three women sitting at a table laughing in front of computers
Customer Story

Keio has adopted ReadSpeaker as its voice for automatic in-station announcements.

Discover how Keio integrate Text to Speech
A yellow metro stopped at the platform
Customer Story
VHS Learning

The Virtual High School uses ReadSpeaker to make text-heavy course material accessible to students with IEPS.

Download the full case study here
Students in a class
Customer Story

MSC Cruises introduce Zoe, the world’s first virtual personal cruise assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

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A cruise on the sea
Customer Story

Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit, which currently empowers thousands of devices with embedded voice technologies, now offers ReadSpeaker’s lifelike neural text-to-speech (TTS) voices to companies leading the way in the voice AI world.

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A man uses a voice assistant on his smartphone
Customer Story

Enhanced voice commerce experience and instant brand recognition for Bol.com through voice interface.

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A woman in front of a laptop
Customer Story
Vasco Electronics

Vasco Translator M3 Empowers Users to Communicate in Multiple Languages with a Natural TTS Voice Experience.

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A man in an apron looks at a smartphone
Customer Story

Improve Your End-to-end, Voice-first Customer Experience with Speechmatics and ReadSpeaker.

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