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Bank of Beirut

Find out how Bank of Beirut was able to provide their services anywhere, anytime harnessing the power of ReadSpeaker TTS AI-driven voices.

The Challenge

The Bank of Beirut is one of the leading banks in Lebanon with over 77 branches and five branches overseas. The bank was looking for a way to provide services to all of their customers including those with low vision, dyslexia or low literacy, and older adults. They wanted to promote equal access to online banking services on the go for its customers. According to AbilityNet, 90% of websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities who rely on assistive technology.

The Solution

Enable Customer-centric Services that check all the boxes
The use of TTS voices can enable the automation of various processes with the customers. By utilizing ReadSpeaker TTS solutions, Bank of Beirut has been able to instantly deploy successful customer-centric services that tick all the boxes in terms of accessibility, customer satisfaction, regulatory requirements, cost-containment, easy implementation, and management.

Make Mobile and Website More Accessible 
The Bank of Beirut’s clients live all throughout the country of Lebanon and the world. The use of ReadSpeaker services allows a larger population of users to access their banking information on the go. It also improves the accessibility of banking services to those who have low vision, dyslexia or low literacy and other customers who might struggle to utilize typical channels.

Make In-person Interaction Easier
ReadSpeaker solutions not only help banks to have their websites and mobile apps more accessible, but also their services offered at the banks’ branches. The clients have the freedom to listen to their contracts, customer duties, rights, and any other documents they need in order to read, open accounts or take out loans all via interacting with an industry-leading ReadSpeaker TTS voice.

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