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ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP

ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP is a complete, standards-based TTS solution for IVR

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ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP is a complete, standards-based TTS solution for IVR. ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP (MRCP stands for Media Resource Control Protocol) enables flawless dynamic multi-thread speech sessions. Effortlessly integrate ReadSpeaker TTS voices in your MRCP-based architecture and run your voice services efficiently.

Optimize your MRCP server-based application with ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP.

Take your services and applications to the next level: manage multi-threaded, multiple voice TTS requests for IVR systems, emergency alert systems, mobile devices, and more with ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP, which provides synthetic speech capability based on MRCP v2.

Effortlessly and seamlessly integrate ReadSpeaker’s accurate TTS voices into your client-server architecture and run your application efficiently, interacting with ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP to deploy text to speech in telephony applications including call centres, CRM, news and email reading and other self-service applications.

System requirements


Windows Server and Linux


Intel x86/64
1 GHz or higher


4 GB or more recommended

Voice Footprint

7 MB to 600 MB per voice

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