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ReadSpeaker speechCloud API

Convert text into high-quality audio for use in a variety of applications

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How It Works

When using the API from within your software/application, you simply send text to the ReadSpeaker speechCloud API servers and receive audio data in the file format you specify as a response. This file can be stored on your server for reuse or further distribution or other use.

We provide several API parameters that your application can use to give you full control over the produced audio. With these parameters, you can customize the language, voice, reading speed, pitch, audio format, bitrate, etc. according to your preferences.

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API can also easily be used in the very popular open source communication application platform Asterisk to add text-to-speech capabilities to PBX/IVR systems. 


Fully automated text to speech conversion

Built-in customer-specific dictionary where you can control how certain words are read

Multiple audio file formats (A-law, u-law, PCM, WAV, Ogg, MP3)

Choice of several languages and voices using state-of-the art speech synthesis

Sample code in different programming languages, such as PHP, Java, Objective C, and C++

AGI script which supports most versions on Asterisk on Linux

Have more control over how the text is read with SSML ​input ​support. When activated in your account, it is possible to insert pauses/breaks of certain length, insert phonetic transcriptions and do voice and language switching in the same text.

Statistics interface (via web and/or API)

High-security hosting environment with a high level of redundancy and failover

Request Timing Information

Access to timing information makes it possible to build a highlighting solution within the API.


  • Easy to use method for producing audio files that can be used in many different ways.
  • Replace cost-heavy manual recordings with a solution that is available 24/7/365.
  • Our API can be used in your automated workflows or processes for batch generation of audio files.
  • You can produce your audio files from any application at any time using our API.
  • Your produced audio files can be used online or offline, in connected or closed systems, especially highly secure environments.

Useful for a Variety of Products, Devices, and Applications

  • Enriching e-learning and offline training materials
  • Providing audio for assessments and tests
  • Reading static content in mobile applications
  • Speech-enabling PowerPoint presentations and multimedia materials
  • Creating prompts for IVR/PBX systems
  • Producing audio books or Digital Talking Books
  • Creating dialog for movies or animations
  • Reading guides, manuals, etc.
  • Creating automated response systems and unified messaging systems
  • and much more…

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*You will be redirected to the ReadSpeaker Web Application Service Platform where you can sign up, and get access to the API documentation, so that you can get started today.

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