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AI Voice Generator

High-quality AI Voice Generator Takes Your Text to Speech to the next level

  • 50+ languages and 200+ natural-sounding AI-generated voices
  • Easily create tailored, accurate and expressive voice content
  • Customize voice attributes, pitch, reading speed, volume and more
  • Control pronunciation, breaks, and audio format
  • Eliminate costly studio recordings
  • Create audio files, anywhere, 24/7
  • Use audio files both online and offline
  • Flexible self-serve or custom pricing

Whether you need a desktop, online, or API solution, create your own digital voice files with state-of-the-art AI-enabled text-to-speech technology for:

  • Talking subtitles from timed text scripts
  • Audio prompts for telephony/IVR systems
  • Dialog for videos, videogames, animations, and movies
  • Web applications

Flexible pricing for AI voice generation puts you in control of your budget.

What our customers say

ReadSpeaker AI voice generation provides

Parameter configuration, including speaking rate, pitch, volume, and pauses

Built-in customer-specific dictionary to control how certain words are pronounced

Choice of up to 50+ languages and 200+ voices using state-of-the art AI voice generation

Statistics interface

Multiple audio file formats (A-law, μ-law, PCM, WAV, OGG, mp3)

Language/voice switching using SSML code

User instructions

24/7 audio production access

Batch mode production of multiple audio files for separate text input entries at once

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Frequently Asked Questions

The only difference is that you cannot download audio files and that there is a limit in how many times you can preview a text.

The same languages and voices are offered in the Trial as those that will be available in the Full version. If you are interested in changing voices or languages at any time, please contact us.

When your residual balance reaches 1/10th of the credits purchased, we will send you an automated email notification. If you run out of credits completely, the service will stop. Organizations that rely heavily on no interruptions due to running out of credits can contact our sales team to discuss a license that does not use a set number of credits.

If you have residual credits, we will send an automatic notification to the email address used when you signed up for the service two weeks before your credits expire. NB: Production credits need to be consumed within 12 months of purchase and are non-refundable. There will be no refunds for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for unused credits after they have expired.

Of course! We’re happy to work with customers to provide the voice and credit packages they need. If you have a specific goal, please contact us for an ad hoc solution based on your needs.

Yes! Our voices support SSML and we provide the necessary documentation for full control and ease of use in your audio content creation process.

Yes! We support batch processing of audio files for easy production. You can simply upload a .txt file and the system can output multiple audio files based on the contents. Documentation is also available for this.

No! We have the ability to use language switch from within a script. This allows you to easily swap between languages. You can simply use the SSML guide to tag the languages from within the text and the system will seamlessly swap between them.

We recommend using speechCloud API, which is used by developers who don’t need an online interface. If you need to programmatically produce audio, you can find out more about speechCloud API (SCAPI) here.

Yes! We have a great team of linguists who have worked on providing a top quality engine that can convert complex text into speech. We also provide a phonetic dictionary for customers to easily customize pronunciations of words, phrases or acronyms.

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