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Virtual Assistant Persona

ReadSpeaker builds bespoke TTS voices for independent virtual assistants, wherever and however they’re deployed.

Man interacting with a virtual voice assistant

Voice Sample

“Hello and thank you for contacting Future Flight Airlines. I'm Flylee, your personal planning and flight attendant. I see that you are searching for warm weather destinations in the Caribbean Sea for this coming February. We have many direct flights from your home airport to the island of Antigua, which I can see from your profile is not a location you've visited before. Would you like to hear price and package options?”

Custom Voices for Independent Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants aren’t just for tech giants. Conversational artificial intelligence allows any brand to build an independent voice assistant—a branded digital persona that’s always available to answer customer service questions, provide technical support, or simply have a charming conversation that strengthens brand bonds.

To put the person in your persona, you need a text-to-speech (TTS) voice that expresses your brand identity with warmth and authenticity—sophisticated machine speech that nurtures the customer relationship. Behind the scenes, your conversational AI developers need a TTS solution that works with their system’s architecture, whether that’s on the cloud, on a private server, or built into a tiny wearable device. ReadSpeaker delivers on all counts.

ReadSpeaker builds bespoke TTS voices for independent virtual assistants, wherever and however they’re deployed.

Smart speaker and mobile phone

Virtual Assistant Technology & Brand Independence

Virtual assistants are digital personalities that respond dynamically to user inquiries, typically out loud. The growth of conversational AI has rendered these software agents ever more engaging, and voice assistant adoption has spread across the globe. Big tech’s personas are household names—Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri—but why let them have all the brand equity? Brands are building independent virtual assistants to create incredible user experiences: digital concierges on cruise liners, AI clerks on banking apps, customer service voicebots on e-commerce sites, and more.

To provide an AI virtual assistant wherever your customers engage, you need a lifelike TTS voice that’s deployable across all your digital channels. That’s ReadSpeaker’s specialty.

Woman working at desk with virtual assistant

Text-to-Speech Solutions for Voice Assistant Personas

Customers access voice assistants through many channels, from mobile apps to websites to the whole universe of internet-of-things (IoT) devices. Wherever you plan to deploy your bot, ReadSpeaker has the technology to deliver—and the expertise to thrill your users with every interaction.

Custom Branded Voices

Translating your brand traits into vocal characteristics, ReadSpeaker uses deep neural networks to create a lifelike TTS model for your unique persona.

The ReadSpeaker TTS Library

ReadSpeaker’s warehouse of DNN synthetic voices includes 110+ voices, more than 35 languages, and multiple dialects per language.

Voice Cloning

Already have your persona’s voice recorded? Emulate it for broad-spectrum deployment, with voice file modification to fine-tune pronunciation and style.

Every ReadSpeaker TTS voice is the culmination of over two decades of experience—and data—combined with the latest DNN technology and linguistic science. The resulting natural quality of ReadSpeaker TTS has made us a favorite partner for leading conversational AI developers like SoundHound and HARMAN. These firms build virtual assistants; ReadSpeaker makes their creations speak.

Unique Capabilities for Unique Digital Personas

ReadSpeaker linguists and computer scientists work daily to advance the field of machine speech. They’re dedicated to research, development, and academic publication—as well as building next-generation TTS engines that will make your independent voice assistant stand out from the crowd. Choose ReadSpeaker for:

  • Personas with personality

    We work to understand your audience and your brand traits, creating an original voice that exudes character and engages customers on a fundamental level.

  • Scalable voice solutions

    From enterprise-grade TTS on GPU servers to small-footprint software with big-data quality, ReadSpeaker TTS engines integrate seamlessly into any system.

  • Ongoing customization

    ReadSpeaker linguists adjust pronunciation and performance before, during, and after launch.

  • Full privacy

    Our customers’ and end users’ privacy is key. While other TTS vendors may run analytics on the data that flows through their solutions, any intelligence on content run through the ReadSpeaker platform stays with our clients.

Smart speaker and mobile phone

Some Words from our Customers

Virtual Assistant Persona

“The Houndify Voice AI platform helps companies retain brand identity, data ownership and valuable customer relationships. The addition of ReadSpeaker's industry-leading and custom TTS offerings provides brands with the complete technology stack to help them extend their brand through voice.”

Kamyar Mohajer

Vice President of Corporate Strategy at SoundHound, Inc.

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