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ReadSpeaker speechEngine SAPI

Choose from ReadSpeaker’s portfolio of highly accurate, Microsoft Speech API-compliant TTS voices for use in all types of MS SAPI applications

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Branded Custom Voices
Connect and engage across all your customer touchpoints with exclusive, humanlike branded voices.
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Do you need to add text to speech to a Microsoft SAPI-based application?

Whether you’re creating training modules with rich media content on Adobe Captivate or adding new voices to screen readers, ReadSpeaker speechEngine SAPI are built to comply with Microsoft SAPI specifications.

ReadSpeaker speechEngine SAPI can also function as a multi-thread server.

Multilingual TTS Voice Family

Make your application appeal to a global audience. ReadSpeaker has a wide range of SAPI voices, and the list keeps growing. Contact us to check which voices are available for the languages you’re interested in.

ReadSpeaker speechEngine SAPI can be used in a variety of Microsoft Speech API compatible programs, including, but not limited to :

  • Screen readers, E-learning, Screen casting, Desktop publishing, IVR Server

  • Accessibility
    Make content accessible – provide users with more options for their screen readers and other AAC software.

  • Audio Publishing
    Create high quality training modules, add rich media content to your slides.

  • Education
    Maximise focus and attention—add audio to example scenarios, media content, and quiz questions.

  • Telecommunications
    Manage sophisticated IVR systems effectively. Enable multiple voices running on VoiceText SAPI Voices to handle call spikes and consistently deliver the best quality to your customers.

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