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Entertainment and Text to Speech

What ReadSpeaker’s text to speech adds to entertainment

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ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech solutions have many practical applications and they also have the ability to amaze and delight, necessary qualities for their inclusion within the entertainment sphere. As smart products become increasingly more common and sophisticated and the demand for lifelike, synthetic speech options rises, ReadSpeaker has shown just how our custom voice technologies are meeting a definite need in the entertainment marketplace from AI to gaming.


Robotic toys, robots within theme parks, robots as stunt doubles and actors alongside their human counterparts in movies … there are few areas of entertainment that robots do not touch. Just as audiences and consumers expect advances in the outward appearance of robots and the way they physically inhabit and move through their environments, they also expect their digital voices to evolve into something more expressive, natural-sounding, and humanlike.

Digital Avatars

Talking avatars inhabit our world in the form of virtual assistants and automated customer service representatives, but they also represent a form of fantasy. In video games and virtual reality, we have the opportunity to interact with humanoid avatars that stretch the boundaries of technology and communication.

Video and Mobile Gaming

Compelling audio narration is an important part of world-building in video and mobile games. Propel game content forward by issuing hints and tips through voice prompts and keep players engaged through immersive storytelling with one of ReadSpeaker’s synthetic voices.

Gaming Consoles

In addition to building audio-driven stories within electronic gaming, text to speech supports gamers with visual impairments or low literacy skills when sending or receiving messages within games.

Audio Entertainment On the Go

With our busy lives, we sometimes have no option but to consume our reading on the go or while multitasking. ReadSpeaker tools make it possible to enjoy your favorite magazine or blog away from a screen and in an environment that’s more convenient for you.

Smart Toys

With the ability to learn and alter their actions according to environment and stimuli, smart toys are not only amazing educational tools, but also interactive and full of personality with their expressive, embedded voices.

Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes

Acecssiblity features in television programs have advanced far beyond simple closed captioning. With smart TVs, users can access the Internet in addition to their favorite channels. To ensure equal accessibility, ReadSpeaker has supplemented smart TV technology with TTS, allowing users to have news reports, sports results, weather updates, and more read aloud to them. Additionally, set-top boxes can be programmed to enable users to hear their TV guide, along with TV show and movie descriptions and reviews.

ReadSpeaker’s solutions are a natural fit for entertainment products, seamlessly integrating an entire portfolio of text-to-speech voices into your website or server architecture. We also offer custom text-to-speech voice development, working with your brand to create a personalized voice that will help bring your project to life.

Text To Speech Online

Add speech to your website & apps to make your content available to a larger audience.

Speech Production

Produce your own audio files with our natural-sounding text to speech voices.

Embedded, Desktop & Server

Give a voice to robots, public announcement systems, IVRs and more with text to speech.

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