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Voice Commerce Applications

Your customers are shopping on voice-enabled devices. Make sure your brand is there to meet them with custom TTS voices from ReadSpeaker.

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Voice Sample

“The Elite Runner Pro has a uniquely designed cushioned sole that provides stability and rebound when running. Using space-age materials usually reserved for NASA space missions, the design reduces the chance of injury by 40% while boosting endurance by 17%. As with all of our running shoes, the Elite Runner Pro can be custom designed to your tastes. Would you like me to open our custom design configurator?”

Branded Voice Commerce with Custom Text to Speech

Remote shopping has always removed distance between seller and consumer. Mail-order catalogs brought store shelves into the home. E-commerce added a checkout lane. Mobile dropped the whole retail experience in our pockets, shortening the buying cycle to a sliver. Now, voice-enabled apps and websites, smart speakers, and voice-ordering kiosks have opened a sales channel in the air itself.

Voice commerce is immediate. It's immersive. And it's a natural way to buy. Voice platforms allow brands to describe their products in the fundamental human mode of expression— speech—without the intervention of screens. Voice recognition technology verifies shoppers instantly so they can safely buy with a word. With the right conversational AI, voice commerce systems can even handle returns and exchanges without tying up customer service phone lines. But to preserve brand identity, authenticity, and trust across all these technologies, you need a single, unmistakable text-to-speech (TTS) voice—a lifelike TTS voice from ReadSpeaker.

Your customers are shopping on voice-enabled devices. Make sure your brand is there to meet them with custom TTS voices from ReadSpeaker.

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Introducing Voice Commerce & TTS

With the rise of voice assistants, voice-powered mobile apps, in-car systems, and touchless customer service kiosks—the platforms that make up our digital voice economy—shoppers are increasingly making purchases via spoken command. But voice-based commerce is about more than just the act of buying products through Amazon’s Alexa—it includes all customer interactions surrounding the purchase. In that sense, voice commerce involves not just voice-enabled devices, but your whole voice-powered customer service ecosystem: interactive voice response (IVR) call centers, online voice bots, and accessibility features on your website, just to name a few. ReadSpeaker creates a consistent TTS experience across them all.

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Text-to-Speech Solutions For Voice Commerce

Privacy Driven

Maybe you need touchless ordering screens, a mobile shopping app, or a branded Alexa skill. Maybe you simply wish to add audio accessibility to your e-commerce website. No matter the technology, ReadSpeaker has a TTS solution that will create the perfect balance between time to market, technical integration, and brand expression.

Custom Branded Voices

Build a literal brand voice that your customers will recognize across platforms, everywhere they shop with speech.

Ready-made Text To Speech

Choose from ReadSpeaker’s library of AI-enhanced synthetic voices, with over 90 choices in a growing variety of identities, and more than 30 languages.

Voice Cloning

Give your existing brand spokesperson’s voice infinite applicability—without new recording sessions.

ReadSpeaker’s flexible technology integrates with any system architecture, making us a top partner for voice commerce developers. But we don’t build full conversational systems ourselves; instead, we offer TTS engines that plug into conversational AI platforms built by industry leaders like SoundHound, VUX World, and HARMAN.

Add Your Brand Voice To The Voice Economy

ReadSpeaker’s VoiceLab is constantly exploring the intersections of machine speech, artificial intelligence, and human language—and we’ve been at it for more than two decades. Our team of linguists, computer scientists, and branding experts work with you to build a TTS solution that drives customer satisfaction, with consistent, authentic, and brand-appropriate qualities in every word. Partner with ReadSpeaker to develop a brand voice that is:

  • Future-Proof

    ReadSpeaker TTS is built on infinitely updatable models, allowing continual upgrades of the same unique voice with every new technological evolution.

  • Developer-Friendly

    ReadSpeaker provides TTS engines in the cloud, through private servers, or embedded in devices, ensuring low-stress integration with any technology—including high-security applications.

  • Privacy driven

    Our customers’ and end users’ privacy is key. While other TTS vendors may run analytics on the data that flows through their solutions, any intelligence on content run through the ReadSpeaker platform stays with our clients.

  • Science-based, human-centered

    Artificial intelligence and linguistics are highly technical, but we master them to create better, more human user experiences—including hyper-local TTS speech with regional dialects and idiomatic flair.

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Some Words from our Customers

“At bol.com, we are constantly focusing on what we can do better for our customers. Experimenting with innovations in voice helps us to better understand what our customers prefer and how we can make their lives a little bit easier. We chose ReadSpeaker to help us with that for the humanlike quality of its custom voices, its expertise and customer-oriented approach.”

Vera Rensink

Business Developer at bol.com

“The Houndify Voice AI platform helps companies retain brand identity, data ownership and valuable customer relationships,” said Kamyar Mohajer, vice president of corporate strategy at SoundHound, Inc. "The addition of ReadSpeaker's industry-leading and custom TTS offerings provides brands with the complete technology stack to help them extend their brand through voice.”

Kamyar Mohajer

Vice President of Corporate Strategy at SoundHound, Inc.

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