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Text to Speech for Assessments and Study Tools

Level the playing field for all students

Accommodations budget and resource management Improved exam results Confidence and autonomy

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Exams, Assessments, and Accommodations

Help students understand instructions and exam questions, while freeing up proctors to focus on monitoring and evaluating learning.

Study Tools

Make study tools accessible and effective, improving learning results for all students.

Instantly create an audio version of exams, quizzes, and other assessments.

Compatible with all leading LMSs, browsers and assessment platforms.

Use the Listen button to speech-enable tests, exams and quizzes within your own, secure learning environment, e‑­assessment platforms, even locked browsers and proprietary proctoring systems.


Ideal for remote and online testing

Provide the same text-to-speech testing experience across multiple platforms 

Eliminate sourcing, planning, and budgets associated with human readers, IEPs and 504 plans

Meet accessibility and accommodations requirements of ADA, IDEA, and JCQ

Our excellent pronunciation is vital to successful assessments.

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“ReadSpeaker works seamlessly in converting our text content into high quality audio. It fits nicely into the Universal Design for Learning principles and appeals to all students with various needs.”

“Ensuring that our courses are multimedia rich and suitable for all learners is something that is central to our mission. ReadSpeaker was a natural fit. The Listen button gives all of our students an audio option…Within seconds, we enabled it on a course level and within all lessons, so VHS students can have all course web pages and documents read to them with one click of a button. Since implementing the technology, we’ve been encouraged by how popular it’s been.”
– Storie Walsh, Director of Instructional Technology, Virtual High School See how VHS integrated ReadSpeaker

“We are seeing an increasing demand from the market for reading assistance technology. By integrating Readspeaker’s tool into ‘AssessmentQ’, which is our study and assessment platform, we can easily offer our customers and their users this added value. In addition it fits perfectly within our eco-system. It just makes sense for us to leverage text-to-speech experts such as ReadSpeaker, allowing us to focus on our own core competence.”

Customize feature restriction

Offer ‘Most Accurate TTS Voices’ *

Reduce network traffic during peak assessment periods 

Fine-tune pronunciation with a customizable dictionary

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