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Edtech tools for K12

Offer the same learning opportunities to students at school, in the classroom or at home with our text to speech edtech tools.

Accessibility and inclusive education Literacy support and improved results Independence and motivation Helping teachers and students

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Edtech tools for education 

Text to speech developed by ReadSpeaker allows students in kindergarten, elementary or secondary education (K12) to listen to any text, using high quality natural-sounding voices.

Literacy support

Students stay at peer level in all subjects. Text to speech improves student engagement, comprehension, motivation, and self-esteem.

Accessibility compliance

Whether for coursework, personal documents, or assessments, assistive technology tools support a diverse population of learners. Whether for coursework, personal documents or assessments, assistive technology tools support a diverse population of learners and help meet the accessibility and accommodations requirements of the ADA, IDEA and JCQ.

Accommodations resource management

Audio plays an important role in IEP and 504 plans, and teachers have extensive management and reporting tools.

Anywhere, any time, for any content

Students can use our assistive technology on all devices (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) to read any type of content.

Instantly create an audio version of …

Courses, PDF, ebooks, math equations, web research, training materials, quizzes, assignments and more. Discover all the features of our text-to-speech software and SaaS solutions, which are compatible with all devices.

Listen button with extended player and menu with descriptions of the webReader features.Listen button with extended player and menu with descriptions of the webReader features.

Listen Button and Player
Listen to content, read along with the highlighted text, adjust the reading speed and volume, and more
Personalize highlighting colors, keyboard shortcuts, and more
Click and Listen
Click on text to have it read aloud
Enlarge Text
See the text being read in a larger font
Text Mode
Read distraction-free in your preferred font, size, and colors
Page Mask
Read along as you listen with a moveable focus bar
Download mp3
Download audio for offline listening
Easy-to-understand instructions for all features
Options for Selected Text
Listen to or translate selected text or look up words
Reading Voice
Choose a voice from the list of available voices

“Knowing that we could use the ReadSpeaker tool to read aloud text to them, because many of them are developing readers… we felt like that was going to be an important piece in what we could offer… it is a single tool that can meet the needs of a variety of learners… It has become an ingrained part of my school”

– JoAnne Glenn
Pasco eSchool
Principal of the Year 2020
Digital Principal of the Year 2020

Word recognition, accuracy, recall
Comprehension and fluency
Autonomy, motivation, self-esteem

Teacher management and reporting tools
Administrator and coordinator features
Integrated assessments and document sharing

Safe, locally stored data
Meets legal data requirements

“Ensuring that our courses are multimedia rich and suitable for all learners is something that is central to our mission. ReadSpeaker was a natural fit. It gives all of our students an audio option…Within seconds, we enabled it on a course level and within all lessons, so VHS students can have all course web pages and documents read to them with one click of a button. Since implementing the technology, we’ve been encouraged by how popular it’s been.”

– Storie Walsh, Director of Instructional Technology, Virtual High School

See how VHS integrated ReadSpeaker

There are many grants awarded for assistive technology and accessibility support. Our text-to-speech technology often qualifies for grants such as Perkins, Migrant Education, and the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Program, just to name a few. Find out more

No downloads, and access to voice


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“ReadSpeaker works seamlessly in converting our text content into high quality audio. It fits nicely into the Universal Design for Learning principles and appeals to all students with various needs.”

Quickly and easily integrate read aloud capability across all platforms and content.

Speech enable all coursework on the LMS

webReader   docReader  

Provide personal reading, writing,

and studying tools to individuals


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We work with students who have varying levels of English proficiency. When we show teachers and their students the simple text-to-speech and translation functions within ReadSpeaker, we are greeted with smiles, deep appreciation and even applause. ReadSpeaker is essential to the work we do.”

– Danny Rubin, Founder

Let ReadSpeaker VoiceLab create a voice as unique as your learning environment

Looking for a specific dialect, voice style or institutional branding? ReadSpeaker’s digital voice design team can develop a unique voice for your needs.

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FAQs about Text to Speech for K12

Since those with reading disabilities can listen to the text while following along with the highlighted text, students can assimilate content without dealing with reading challenges. This helps students with reading comprehension and therefore, to stay at grade level in all subjects.

Text to speech technology, or read aloud technology, is a type of assistive technology. It uses speech software to read text out loud to learners. It is often accompanied by text highlighting and various other speech tools and education technology tools.

Assistive technology tools relieve individuals with dyslexia from constant decoding work, allowing them to concentrate on the subject matter and therefore staying at peer level in all subjects.

Quality speech synthesis is pleasant enough to use that it can be used for large quantities of text, to relieve schools and teachers from assisting learners and as a part of IEP plans and accommodations.

There are many different types of edtech tools, one of which is text to speech technology. Text to speech automatically reads content out loud and is an important feature of various different assistive technology tools, accompanying any number of learning tools.

Ideally those requiring assistive technology should make sure that the text to speech element uses high quality voices to ensure optimal use.

ADA, IDEA and JCQ are a set of legislations and organizations that promote equality for all students. They allow for certain arrangements and accommodations to allow those with special education needs or disabilities to access free appropriate education and fair assessments.

An Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is a plan developed to provide any child with a disability, who is attending an elementary or secondary school, with the appropriate specialized instruction and services. A 504 Plan is developed so these students receive accommodations to ensure academic success and access to the learning environment.

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