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AI Text to Speech for Workplace Training

Unlock employee potential using text to speech

  • Create voiceovers with over 200+ AI voices
  • Support staff with disabilities and respect ADA requirements
  • Bring audio to the LMS and any content
  • Easy to use, easy to integrate

Quickly and easily integrate audio across all content with just one text-to-speech partner

Online Web Reading

Bring online content to life by having it read aloud. Reinforce understanding, increase focus and improve retention. Easily integrated into your online learning environment and employees can hear audio with one click of the ‘Listen’ button.

ReadSpeaker for LMS
ReadSpeaker webReader tool illustration with options and settings shown

Voice Generation

Create bespoke audio files that can be used as voiceovers,
integrated into a learning management system or deployed in other applications. These files can be used offline too, so your content is available anytime, anywhere.

AI Voice Generator
ReadSpeaker SpeechMaker tool illustration with settings and sliders to manage options

Personal Reading Support

An easy-to-use tool especially designed for those with reading difficulties and language learners. Employees can listen to audio while following along with the highlighted text and use the learning tools for a more accessible learning experience.

ReadSpeaker TextAid
ReadSpeaker webReader tool illustrations with automatic scrolling activated.

Embedded Text to Speech

Instantly transform text into engaging, lifelike voice content, in your employees language. Integrate text to speech locally into mobile applications, installed software applications, or hardware devices.

Text-to-Speech Software
ReadSpeaker demo tool illustration with American Female avatar the name of the voice is Kayla
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Our text-to-speech technology has helped millions of people and thousands of businesses in over 70 countries. Hear some of their stories, and discover how others use ReadSpeaker to support their employees.
  • Recruiting Processes
  • Onboarding
  • Job Applications
  • Employee Development
  • Safety Training
  • Performance Reviews
  • Professional Development Assessments
  • Compliance Testing

Our assistive technology provides a better learning experience for employees and employers

Roughly 1 in 4 employees have reading difficulties or are reading in a second language. Workplace training is more effective when employee learning is inclusive, effective, and engaging.

  • Respects privacy and data laws
  • Flexible pricing
  • Easy to implement, easy to use
  • Translation, customized pronunciation dictionaries and high-quality voices

Make training enjoyable, engaging, and easy for all learners. Adding a voice reinforces understanding, increases focus and improves retention. Today’s learners expect interactive AI tools to broaden their understanding.

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Improved performance

Improve performance by ensuring employees understand and retain training content. Technology has a vital role to play when it comes to recruiting and retaining unique and diverse talent.

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Any time, anywhere, on any device

Simple to use AI text to speech which allows any written content to be read aloud for your employees. Seamlessly integrate with your learning and development platform, onboarding guides, web content, emails, or traditional documents like PowerPoints, PDFs and Word.

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Cost-efficient bespoke audio in seconds

Cost-effectively create on-demand editable voiceovers. Choose from over 50 languages and 200+ high quality natural sounding voices available both offline and online. Or listen and read simultaneously with easy to follow word highlighting.

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Provide an accessible and inclusive culture

Support neurodivergent, disabled & multilingual employees

Improve employee performance

Listening saves time and energy

Make training engaging and improve learning outcomes

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ReadSpeaker has been bringing text to speech to education for over 25 years. Contact us to learn more about how audio can help your students and your organization succeed.

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See everything your company can do with ReadSpeaker text to speech

Multiple High Quality Voices

Serve the unique needs of your content and audience.

Dynamic Content

Automatically speech enable content that is constantly changing, quickly and efficiently.

On-Demand Voice Talent

Cost-effectively and easily add and update the voiceover for a presentation, training manual, or learning course instead of using costly and time-intensive human actors.

Stream Audio

Employees can listen with one click of the Listen button, as well as take digital content with them on the go via an mp3 file.

Script Testing

Test scripts before they go into production.

Multilingual Material

Allow employees to translate text into their native language or produce audio in multiple languages.

Click and Listen

Natural-sounding voices are the key to cost-efficient and effective assistive technology. Try our award-winning text-to-speech voices, or see some integrations.

Compatible with all leading LMSs, browsers and assessment platforms

Let ReadSpeaker VoiceLab create a branded voice as unique as your company

Improve internal communications and training outcomes through a unique voice that fully represents your brand.

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FAQs about Text to Speech in Corporate Learning

Technology like text to speech (TTS) improves digital accessibility. Accessibility refers to making information readily available and easy to digest for all types of learners.

It’s essential to make workplace training accessible for employees with disabilities or language challenges, who may rely on certain accommodations in order to access content to the same extent as their peers.

However, accessibility tools can also be helpful in making your message clear and understandable for other learners, too. When applied to corporate training, you can expect to see improvements in employee satisfaction and performance.

ReadSpeaker’s TTS solutions have been developed to give every individual an equal user experience in accordance with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Yes! Adding text to speech to any type of video content—YouTube videos, online training modules, screencasts, explainer animations, or anything else—will enhance its effectiveness.

With TTS you can:

  • Blend on-screen and spoken content
  • Add audio descriptions of your video’s content for people with vision impairments
  • Emphasize main points
  • Provide training in a variety of different languages

Our text-to-speech technology allows you to create quick AI voiceovers directly from a script, whether it’s the actual video screen content or a new script you create to go along with the video. Generating audio voice files is as simple as pasting text into a ReadSpeaker production tool.

ReadSpeaker’s speechMaker Desktop is ideal for adding TTS to videos because it can be used without an internet connection. Once the script sounds just right, download the audio files in the format of your choice and then upload them to your video editor. Your video narration is ready to go!

ReadSpeaker’s lifelike voices are thanks to deep learning technology. Deep learning is a type of machine learning (a subfield of artificial intelligence) that uses deep neural networks, or DNNs—computational models that are highly efficient at expressing very complex mathematical functions.

Explained very simply, we train DNN models to learn about the numerous abstract features of the human voice by feeding them recordings of human speech. DNN models classify this data, passing it through various processing layers and sorting it into more and more complex classifications.

Our neural TTS voices require at least three distinct DNN models, which combine data around pitch, timbre, and rhythm to create the overall voice reproduction. Finally, the output layer of the DNN produces the final result: a TTS voice that sounds uncannily like human speech.

DNN-based TTS systems sound more natural than other types of TTS, and that’s our focus here at ReadSpeaker.

Many organizations choose to use a custom voice to accompany all their digital training material. That makes sense—your training material represents your brand, just like any product!

At ReadSpeaker, we’re happy to work with you to develop an all-original voice for your brand. We start by finding an exceptional voice actor whose vocal qualities echo your brand personality.

Those voice recordings provide the training data that informs our deep neural networks. Then we’ll work with you to further improve the prosody, speaking speed, pitch, and pronunciation accuracy until you approve the final product.

The result is warm, lifelike, synthetic speech that perfectly reflects your brand, ready for use in all your current and future training materials!

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides “academic adjustments, reasonable accommodations, and auxiliary aids” for those with physical or cognitive disabilities.

The ADA doesn’t include specific rules for digital accessibility (it was created before the internet as we know it existed!). However, you are likely compliant with ADA if your digital content meets Level AA criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Assistive technologies such as text to speech are an integral part of these measures that provide equal opportunity in the workplace and in education.

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