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Vasco Electronics

ReadSpeaker is proud to announce that Vasco Electronics’ popular and innovative voice translator, the Vasco Translator M3, includes a lifelike TTS voice experience from ReadSpeaker in multiple languages.

Have you ever traveled abroad and discovered that many people you interact with don’t speak your language fluently, or even not at all? Communicating in other languages can be challenging. In fact, the language barrier can stop you from making the most of your stay. It can even be frustrating when you can’t understand foreign visitors to your own hometown.

Fortunately, Vasco Electronics has created the Vasco Translator M3 with a built-in, lifelike TTS voice experience, featuring ReadSpeaker voices to solve these issues.

ReadSpeaker offers an extensive portfolio of lifelike text-to-speech (TTS) voices that can read any text out loud, for an experience that is as close to a human interpreter as possible.

“We are delighted that Vasco has entrusted ReadSpeaker with providing a humanlike voice output for their award-winning product”, said Roy Lindemann, CMO and co-founder, at ReadSpeaker. “We are proud that our rapidly-expanding text-to-speech offering is facilitating conversations for end-users around the world.”

“Implementing the ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solution in our devices was a great experience. Well-documented and self-contained libraries helped us in rapid development. We were able to concentrate on the interesting parts rather than focusing on the implementation details” – says Rafał Rojowski, Vasco Electronics Technical Lead.

The Vasco Translator M3 empowers people from around the world to understand each other. A precise microphone and an up-to-99% background noise reduction will let you speak your mind freely even in crowded streets, anywhere you go.

All users need to do is to switch it on, choose two languages, press a button, and the Vasco Translator M3 will translate the conversation and will speak out loud.  The device also features a handy photo translator that translates from photos of signs, menus, foreign newspapers, etc.

And that’s not all: The device is also perfect for learning foreign languages, like a pocket language tutor.

The Vasco Translator M3 is unique to the market: It boasts an accuracy rate of 96%. It is equipped with a SIM card offering free, lifetime and unlimited data for translations in almost 200 countries.

Vasco Electronics reminds us that while as many as 1.5 billion people speak English around the world, there are almost 7 billion people on our planet. So, if you want to have conversations with the remaining 80% of people who are not English speakers, check out the Vasco Translator M3 today.

It is also worth mentioning that Vasco Translator M3 has been honored with numerous awards and accolades. It won the Red Dot Design Award in April 2021, which is widely recognized as “the Oscar of Design”, and the NY Product Design Awards, just recently.



About Vasco Electronics

Vasco Electronics is a global company at the forefront of innovation, leading the field in language translation devices for travelers. Our span is genuinely worldwide, with a strong presence across Europe and North America. Since 2008, Vasco Electronics has changed the way that the world works with digital voice translation and dictionaries.

Our team of experienced engineers consists of an international array of talent. The Vasco Translator is our innovative solution that connects travelers to local communities in more than 70 languages. The first Vasco Translator set the company in motion, and our workforce has grown steadily in size, capabilities, and passion ever since. We remain focused on delivering comprehensive mobile devices for travelers and facilitating communication between the speakers of many foreign languages.

All along, we have driven the state-of-the-art forward aggressively. Now that the Vasco engineering and development team is a mature force, we are seeking collaborators for new project partnerships. As a partner, we create new value synergistically, unleashing benefits that would otherwise remain untapped.


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