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The Tarn Group

The Tarn Group chose NeoSpeech’s Bridget, a UK English female voice, for their elearning platform.

The Challenge

Bracken set out to make it as easy as possible for educators to digitize their knowledge and resources into eLearning courses that are engaging and effective. With this in mind, the team at Bracken created a platform where anyone could create eLearning modules that were content and feature-rich, all without the need of a computer programmer.

The Bracken platform makes it easy for educators to create eLearning content, but Bracken needed to find ways to improve the learning experience for students. This need was amplified by the fact that a large percentage of Bracken’s users’ students are adult learners with literacy difficulties. Much of eLearning is based off of reading text on a screen, so Bracken needed to find a way to give educators the tools they needed to assist their students, especially adults with trouble reading, get the most out of their learning experience.

The Solution

The Tarn Group chose NeoSpeech’s* Bridget, a UK English female voice, for their platform. In no time, the Tarn Group was able to add text-to-speech as an option for educators using Bracken. According to Burborough, there was immediate impact.

“For those learners with reading difficulties, text-to-speech has opened a world of learning to them and helped improve their literacy levels so they can now communicate using the written word far more effectively. This can have quite significant positive impacts on their employment and lifestyle opportunities.”  – Graeme Burborough, General Manager at The Tarn Group

*now under the ReadSpeaker brand


We learn in many different ways. Often we need to engage all our senses in order to fully process new materials. Most eLearning courses are text and image based. But what if students have difficulty reading or aren’t visual learners? You want your eLearning platform to be easy and efficient for content creators to use, and you also want to make courses accessible to all of their students. Course creators don’t have the time to personally narrate their learning materials or the money to hire a voice actor. That’s where our natural sounding text-to-speech software comes in.

Give your users the tools they need to make their content accessible to all learners with our text-to-speech software. That’s exactly what The Tarn Group did by using our text-to-speech voice, Bridget, in Bracken, their eLearning platform. The Tarn Group’s online learning platform, Bracken, enables users to rapidly author course modules with ease. Bracken is widely used by companies for training internal employees and by educational institutions, and is one of the leading eLearning platforms available today.

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