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About Blackberry® AtHoc®

BlackBerry AtHoc, the most secure crisis communication system, has trusted NeoSpeech for text-to-speech solutions for over 8 years.

The Challenge

BlackBerry® AtHoc® designed and built the most secure mass notification system, but needed audio functionality a vital feature for any communication system. Having an announcer and someone to record the audio on standby is costly and inefficient.

Even with an announcer available 24/7, there is no guarantee as to the quality of the audio. And recipients don’t have time to replay a message because of poor audio quality in order to understand the message.

Pre-recorded audio samples aren’t sufficient because each emergency situation is unique in its nature, location, and personnel. Audio needs to be created instantly and easily in order to promptly send notifications out on a mass scale to everyone affected.

The Solution

Text-to-speech server solution with the voices Kate and Paul.

Time is of the essence in an emergency. So wouldn’t the extra step of converting text into audio slow down the notification speed? It doesn’t. The text-to-speech conversion into audio is nearly instant. Plus, the audio output is always high quality, so you never waste time with multiple recordings. Text to speech streamlines notification delivery, as audio messages can be bulk sent at once.

Text-to-speech audio can be used across multiple devices including mobile, radios, and PA systems. As Bill Porter, Program Marketing Manager at BlackBerry® AtHoc®, described, “NeoSpeech technology combined with our platform allows a trusted audio partner to assist in distributing critical messages to our end users. NeoSpeech’s text to speech allows operators to send organization wide audio messages with a few clicks versus however many phone calls and time spent manually connecting with people.”

With NeoSpeech’s text-to-speech server, BlackBerry® AtHoc® added the ability to create audio messages easily and at anytime. BlackBerry® AtHoc® reduces the time spent manually contacting people because their text-to-speech audio messages can be delivered at the same time to many people and across a range of devices and systems.

When an emergency strikes, the clock is ticking. You need to assess the situation, connect with everyone involved and ensure their safety. A mass alert communication system enables organizations, companies, and governments to efficiently communicate with all personnel.

How do you make sure your messages are clear and sent out quickly? Text-to-speech audio is created instantly and can be sent in mass batches. With text-to-speech, the message can be generated live and include new details specific to the situation. So everyone stays up to date in real time.

BlackBerry® AtHoc® is a pioneer and leader in networked crisis communication. BlackBerry® AtHoc® Critical Communication Platform provides four main modules: alert, collect, account, and connect.

  • Account: Gain real-time visibility into your personnel safety and status.
  • Alert: Notify anyone, any where, on any device.
  • Connect: Securely share information within and across organizations.
  • Collect: Capture critical information to achieve situational awareness.



BlackBerry AtHoc, the most secure crisis communication system, has trusted NeoSpeech for text-to-speech solutions for over 8 years. NeoSpeech provides BlackBerry AtHoc with a text-to-speech server solution with the voices Kate and Paul. NeoSpeech’s text-to-speech server gives BlackBerry AtHoc the flexibility to generate new audio messages specific to each crisis situation. Text-to-speech can be used by anyone. There’s no training required. An emergency manager only has to type the message to be broadcasted.

*now under ReadSpeaker brand

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