Media and News


  • How can you retain existing users and attract new ones?
  • Adding new features is good, but how can your media sites monetize them?
  • More people around the world are accessing news and information via their smartphones, but the smaller screens are a barrier for many to easily access your written information.
  • 15 to 20% of the world’s population has a language-based learning disability.


ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech solutions let your message be heard by more people, from anywhere and with any device. Available in 50+ languages and 200+ voices, they are used by media and news companies worldwide.

  • ReadSpeaker webReader transforms your news websites into real-time audio channels so that readers can now listen to the written information presented to them. Your updated information is converted instantly to speech with no prerecordings whatsoever. You can also monetize ReadSpeaker webReader by inserting banner and/or audio ads in the service.
  • ReadSpeaker docReader enables users to view and listen to your news in PDF and other document formats on any device with no plugins required.
  • ReadSpeaker audioMobile API enables you to add speech to your mobile app making your content available to your users in a convenient, easy-to-listen way.


With ReadSpeaker online text to speech, you can:

  • Take your content mobile and give your mobile users the ability to listen to your news while on the go.
  • Instantly speech-enable your live coverage services so that readers can listen to your updated content while doing something else at the same time.
  • Automatically redistribute your online text content in audio format thereby providing another distribution channel for your content.
  • Monetize the audio version of your content through the different advertising opportunities when you implement ReadSpeaker.