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Tokyo Monorail Uses ReadSpeaker Synthetic Speech for Their Innovative Tourist Guide System

Automated voice announcements in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The new tourist guide system

Figure 1

Tokyo Monorail’s new tourist guide system (see figure 1) is a multilingual information system available for customers in all Tokyo Monorail stations. It provides automatic voice announcements, subtitles and movies in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This user-friendly system provides visitors with all the information they need for an enjoyable stay in Tokyo, including easy travel advice, sightseeing information, and suggestions for fun activities and events, along with emergency information.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan from around the world has been increasing over recent years. Monorail staff do not necessarily speak foreign languages. The Company wanted to make sure that visitors’ needs were catered for. The solution was to deploy state-of-the-art digital signage displays. The company chose to use ReadSpeaker synthetic voices as the system’s speech output.

Lifelike voice announcements in multiple languages with VoiceText Editor

With ReadSpeaker’s lifelike Text-to-Speech voices and VoiceText Editor, the intuitive desktop application for converting text into speech content, it’s easy to instantly create high-quality travel announcements without the difficulties involved in studio recordings.

Tokyo Monorail provides announcements not only in English, but also in Chinese, Japanese and Korean because ReadSpeaker is available in over twenty languages.

VoiceText Editor (figure 2) enables all users to create audio files intuitively and easily, without the need for specific training.

Figure 2

VoiceText Editor offers user-friendly features that make voice content authoring easy, including:

  • Parameters such as speaking rate, pitch, volume, and pauses, that can be configured as needed
  • A customizable dictionary included for each licensed language
  • Batch mode production of multiple audio files for separate text input entries at once
  • Audio clip insertion, e.g. audio can be included in the output audio file
  • User documentation included within the application

To read the Tokyo Monorail case study using ReadSpeaker docReader, just click the link below:

Tokyo Monorail Uses ReadSpeaker Synthetic Speech for Their Innovative Tourist Guide System (opens in ReadSpeaker docReader)