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Give a voice to robots, public announcement systems, IVRs and more with text to speech.

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Terms of Service - This demo is for evaluation purpose only; commercial use is strictly forbidden. No static audio files may be produced, downloaded, or distributed. The background music in the voice demo is not included with the purchased product.

Virtual Assistant

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Hyödynnä ainutlaatuisia, luonnollisen kaltaisia räätälöityjä brändättyjä ääniä palvelujen kaikissa kontaktipisteissä.


Make Your Content Engaging

Creating audio content for desktop, embedded and server-based applications can be time-consuming and costly. ReadSpeaker solutions instantly transform text into engaging, lifelike voice content, in your customers’ languages.

ReadSpeaker uses advanced text-to-speech technology based on deep neural networks to create voices that are far more accurate and human sounding than other voices on the market.

Choosing ReadSpeaker TTS voices means:

  • The highest speech quality and accuracy on the market thanks to optimal processing
  • Smoothly blended static and dynamic speech 
  • Relatable, lifelike and expressive speech
  • Extensive multilingual support
  • Comprehensive pronunciation dictionaries
  • Continuous engine improvement
  • Turning Content into Experience: the Benefits of ReadSpeaker Embedded, Desktop & Server Solutions

Make content fruition enjoyable and services more effective with ReadSpeaker’s natural-sounding voices for the ultimate user experience. Automate more services and applications by speaking information that would normally require a pre-recorded voice or human agent. ReadSpeaker embedded, desktop & server solutions are built to deliver seamless, life like conversations leveraging high quality text-to-speech.

Customizable Solutions

Deploy seamless experiences across mobile and web applications and IVR, tailored to your customers. In cases where brand identity is key, choose ReadSpeaker custom voices for the ultimate brand visibility.

Flexible Integration

Support for industry-standard platforms such as SSML, UniMRCP and MRCPV1 and V2; secure hosted and on-premise options, effortless application development.

Lower Costs

Choose text to speech over costly and time-consuming pre-recorded speech and make your investments go further by deploying across multiple channels, including web, mobile and IVR. Automate more calls across touch points and achieve greater customer satisfaction by  reserving agent time for the most complex situations.

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