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Conversational Systems and Text to Speech

Deliver a tailored customer experience instantly and seamlessly, across all touchpoints with ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech solutions for Conversational Systems.

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Voice interactions with conversational systems have become part of the fabric of everyday life. Whether it be discussing a grocery shopping with a smart assistant, troubleshooting a support issue with a chatbot, or wiring money from your bank over the phone through a voice agent, voice technology adds a layer of convenience for consumers and end-users alike.

Your brand’s voice is a key element to enhance the connection between your customers and solutions and build your sonic identity.

ReadSpeaker provides one voice for all of your customer channels, allowing you to use a consistent voice no matter what device your customers are using to interact with your business – chatbot, avatar, virtual assistant, IVR, mobile device, social media, or other.

Our accurate, natural-sounding, synthetic voices are designed to help you make that first great impression and continually engage users. ReadSpeaker makes speech output in any conversational system more lifelike and enjoyable.

For instantly-recognizable voice branding, ReadSpeaker also offers custom voice development to fit the unique personality and identity your business.

Sample Our TTS Voices

Whether you’re looking to revitalize your call center’s performance, implement an IVR system, or develop a speaking smart assistant, we offer accurate, relatable voices for your business solutions, across all verticals, channels, and devices.

Inbound call center applications 

Integrating ReadSpeaker TTS voice solutions into Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, or Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications provides end users with a natural, personalized experience. The ability to extend services across various language needs expands your service offering to better support your customers anytime from anywhere.


Outbound call center applications

ReadSpeaker TTS solutions are an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective way for organizations to automatically send notifications, appointment reminders, surveys, verification services, and other services to a multilingual customer base.

AI-driven smart assistants, conversational agents, chatbots, and voicebots

If you’re developing your next virtual assistant, ReadSpeaker has the expertise to give your AI-driven solutions a lifelike, relatable voice. You can rely on quick and accurate performance and voices that stand out from other standard voices on the market. For instant voice brand recognition, opt for an exclusive ReadSpeaker custom voice.

Robotics & Automation

The future of robotics and automation, as well as digital avatar technology, lies in human-machine cooperation and the addition of lifelike voices. Verbal and nonverbal AI communication must be realistic, natural, and engaging. With ReadSpeaker TTS solutions, your robots and digital avatars will have fully customizable, natural-sounding voices and the ability to interact with their human counterparts in a way that emphasizes collaboration and helps users perceive them as teammates rather than just machines. ReadSpeaker voices are the perfect fit for e-commerce, m-commerce, and self-service solutions, such as self-ticketing kiosks, ATMs, etc.


Voice Solutions & Voice Quality

At ReadSpeaker, our sole focus is developing the most advanced, high-quality text-to-speech voices. Utilizing DNN and machine learning technology, combined with our knowledgeable on-staff linguists, ReadSpeaker is continuously improving our voice quality to be more human-like to deliver voices that stand out from others in the market. Our world-class voice portfolio includes over 200 voices in over 50 languages to serve the unique needs of our customers.

Flexible Deployment & Easy Integration

ReadSpeaker offer the same high-quality text-to-speech voices both in the cloud and on-premises, so you can choose the best fit for your needs and requirements.

Scalability & Reliability

ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solutions are optimized for your platform, enabling you to easily deploy voice applications that are scalable as your business grows.

Personalized Approach

ReadSpeaker takes the time to understand your strategy, proposing the best solution and services to fit your needs. Our team will work to help you integrate our solutions, allowing you to customize how your content sounds and respecting the integrity of your brand.

Standards Support

Integrate an off-the-shelf option from our growing portfolio of accurate, lifelike TTS voices, or find out about our exclusive custom voices, enabling instantly-recognizable voice branding.

Our solutions support the most widespread industry standards and platforms.

Data Privacy

The privacy of our customers and their end-users is important to us. While other solutions may run analytics on the data that flows through their solutions, any intelligence on content run through the ReadSpeaker platform stays with our clients.

Global Reach and Solid Expertise

With more than 20 years’ experience, the ReadSpeaker team of experts is leading the way in text to speech, serving customers in over 70 countries.

Text To Speech Online

Add speech to your website & apps to make your content available to a larger audience.

Speech Production

Produce your own audio files with our natural-sounding text to speech voices.

Embedded, Desktop & Server

Give a voice to robots, public announcement systems, IVRs and more with text to speech.

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