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ReadSpeaker Has Been Adopted in the Honda Personal Assistant

September 29, 2020 by Gaea Vilage
The steering wheel of a Honda car

Real-time provision of information through dialogue is now available

ReadSpeaker proudly announces that their text-to-speech software has been selected by Honda for the Honda Personal Assistant.

Honda Personal Assistant

Honda’s new electric vehicle, the Honda e, will use ReadSpeaker’s Japanese text-to-speech (TTS) engine as the voice of the Honda Personal Assistant.

The Honda Personal Assistant is an interface that connects people and vehicles. Drivers can now interact with the Honda Personal Assistant using ReadSpeaker’s friendly, natural voice to access real-time information about parking and charging stations, service availability, amenities and much more.

ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK Embedded

ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK Embedded is a high-quality, small-footprint product that is suitable for any embedded application. The introduction of machine learning has improved overall quality and has enabled emotional expression that is more subtle and natural. It is ideal for use in vehicles, smartphones, and robots.

At ReadSpeaker we also offer a deep learning text-to-speech engine. Generally speaking, deep learning requires high machine processing power, but we have made improvements so that it runs close to our previous embedded engine’s performance. ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK Embedded is able to express three emotions: joy, sadness, and anger.

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