ReadSpeaker is pleased to announce the availability of the SDK for Nintendo Switch for Nintendo Switch application (game) developers.

SDK for Nintendo Switch

ReadSpeaker’s SDK for Nintendo Switch (SDK) is a development tool for embedding a Deep Neural Network (DNN) text-to-speech (TTS) engine into Nintendo Switch games.

DNN-based text-to-speech is typically run on a server due to its computing power requirements, but ReadSpeaker’s proprietary technology enables DNN text-to-speech to run standalone on the Nintendo Switch.

By using this SDK, Nintendo Switch game developers can easily implement a Voice User Interface (VUI) that performs text-to-speech in real time, which can be used for interactive voice dialogs and in-game announcements.

In addition, this SDK is available in 11 languages, making it suitable for global deployment. These languages include Japanese, American English, British English, Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

Custom Voice & SDK for Nintendo Switch

When using this SDK, developers can choose to incorporate a selection of the 110+ off-the-shelf voices that ReadSpeaker has developed into their Nintendo Switch game. They can also choose to use their very own custom voices, developed exclusively for them by ReadSpeaker. Custom voices are built using voice actors or narrators chosen by the customer and can be customized to express perfectly the individuality of the characters they represent.

Emotional Text-To-Speech & SDK for Nintendo Switch

In the past, text-to-speech readings were mechanical and flat, but ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech utilizes DNN and other technologies to not only produce speech that is more human-like, but also enables the expression of emotions such as joy, sadness and anger.

Developers can use joy to express a happy voice, sadness to express a sorrowful voice and anger to express an angry voice, so developers can use a voice that is full of realism depending on the game scenario.