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Voice-enabled “Hello Kitty’s Room” game on Google Assistant uses ReadSpeaker

May 25, 2021 by Jean-Rémi Larcelet-Prost

We are pleased to announce that ReadSpeaker’s neural text-to-speech (TTS) technology has been selected for the voice-enabled “Hello Kitty’s Room” talk game produced by WFS for Google Assistant.

In Hello Kitty’s Room, users can collect furniture such as differently themed table sets or plushies to furnish their very own room. They can cook using food harvested from a garden or collect furniture by helping Hello Kitty on a trip. Users also have a chance to meet other popular characters like Cinnamoroll – and if they take a photo together, they will also visit Hello Kitty’s room from time to time. The game can be played on smart display devices with a touchscreen, such as Google Nest Hub, or by voice on Google Assistant supported devices*. Engaging conversations featuring Hello Kitty’s rich vocabulary are made possible by HOYA Corporation’s ReadSpeaker Custom Voice.

Hello Kitty’s neural synthetic voice was developed based on recordings of Hello Kitty’s voice.

Hello Kitty’s Room is accessed by speaking to a supported device using the command “OK Google, talk to Hello Kitty” to launch the app.

Typical voice commands on Google Assistant include:

  • “OK Google, talk to Hello Kitty.”
  • “OK Google, talk to Hello Kitty’s Room.”

Hello Kitty’s Room website

Heads up for international readers:
The Hello Kitty’s Room Google Assistant page can only be viewed with an English configured Google account!

*Supported devices include Android™️ smartphones.
*Google, Android and Google Nest Hub are trademarks of Google LLC.

About ReadSpeaker Custom Voice

ReadSpeaker Custom Voice is a service that creates customized text-to-speech software using the voice of a selected celebrity, anime, or game character.

It can reproduce the human speaker’s voice characteristics with a brief recording, and can support over 35 languages including English and Japanese. A ReadSpeaker Custom Voice can express a variety of emotions such as joy, anger, and sadness.

A ReadSpeaker Custom Voice can be used in any environment, including smartphones, tablets, embedded devices, PCs, and servers.

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