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Custom Branded Voices

Connect and engage across all your customer touchpoints with exclusive, humanlike branded voices

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In a continuously changing digital world, brands have to reinvent themselves all the time. You introduced a mobile-first strategy, streamlined your social media presence, designed your chatbot conversations, and now consumers are starting to engage with your brand through voice. Thanks to automated speech recognition (ASR) and conversational AI, you’re expected to respond with a natural humanlike voice. However, consumers are not interacting with your brand alone. Thousands of brands are making their way to voice-enabled devices.

How does your brand distinguish itself and stand out in this crowded, complex, and fast changing environment?

ReadSpeaker has been building its expertise in humanlike text-to-speech solutions since 1999. We work with some of the world’s most successful companies, helping their voice shine. With ReadSpeaker’s exclusive custom voices, your brand’s unique voice sparks immediate recognition. And there are many more features that we know will interest you!

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Listen to ReadSpeaker Custom Voices

To hear what a custom voice sounds like, listen to the demo below

ReadSpeaker custom voice demo of the US English voice, Julie:

For more information, get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.

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ReadSpeaker Custom Voice Features

A ReadSpeaker Custom Voice is always unique. It is carefully selected, designed, and engineered for your brand only. As soon as your voice speaks, consumers recognize, memorize, and associate emotions with your brand.

With ReadSpeaker Custom Voices, you are able to nurture an emotional connection between your customer and your brand that you’ve never been able to achieve before. Are you ready to learn more about how to apply your custom voice?

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Indistinguishably humanlike
Thanks to our solid experience and determination we have been able to create high-quality voices in over 30 languages (with more coming soon) that are considered best-of-breed in the market.

Your ReadSpeaker Custom Voice is exclusively available to you. We work with you on your voice requirements, select voice characteristics, and create and test your voice until it’s ready to stand out from the crowd.

You can easily change the pronunciation of any word or phrase in your ‘brand lexicon’. This ensures your brand name, your slogan, product names, and other jargon are pronounced exactly according to your brand (or sonic) guidelines.

Device agnostic
Whether you use your voice on a smart speaker, in a mobile app, on your website, in domestic appliances, or in retail outlets, your brand always speaks to consumers in the same familiar voice. It’s even available offline!

You can add emotions in your voice for certain key expressions, such as your slogan. In the future, you will even be able to change emotions on the fly, depending on the context. This will allow you to respond according to a customer’s emotion.

ReadSpeaker complies with strict European GDPR legislation. We do not store the voice audio streams generated or require access to your data. We believe private conversations are for customers’ ears and eyes only.

Our architecture is designed to anticipate growing demand for voice services.

Your unique voice can also be applied in other ReadSpeaker solutions to improve the accessibility of websites and online content.

Instantly available
We commit to high service availability levels (your voice is always ready when it’s needed) and to fast ‘time-to-first audio’ (time needed to generate the audio stream), making sure your customers are served immediately whenever they want to contact you, ask a question, or complete a transaction.

ReadSpeaker delivers industry-leading text-to-speech solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the world. As a Hoya Corporation subsidiary, we are a solid partner, capable of keeping up our position as frontrunner in humanlike text-to-speech technology and keeping you up-to-date.

Branded Voice Across All Your Touchpoints

Typically, all brands with large target groups can profit from ReadSpeaker Custom Voices. Here are some of the customer touchpoints where having a brand voice that sounds the same all round makes all the difference:

Voice-enabled conversational AI, voice-controlled websites, and chatbots on websites, in chat applications, and in mobile apps

Voice bots or smart assistants on voice-only devices such as smart speakers, connected home appliances, and IoT devices

Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR)

Interactive in-store displays and mirrors

In-car displays

(Humanoid) robots

Voice-over for corporate, product, and instruction videos

Online, TV, and radio advertising

Corporate e-Learning material and podcasts

Casual and serious gaming

Accessibility tools for reading website and intranet content out loud

Public announcement systems

Almost every touchpoint is expected to be voice-enabled in the future. Use cases are practically unlimited and will vary according to the industry. Retail won’t sound the same as banking or automotive. For all industries, custom voices will be available over the full customer lifecycle: raising awareness, providing information, closing a sale, providing after sales service, asking for feedback, listening to experiences, and building relationships and trust. We understand the challenges of defining priorities as you build your voice-first strategy. To support you in this phase, we’re happy to set up a ReadSpeaker Custom Voice assessment workshop for you. Please reach out to us if you are interested.

How is a Custom Text-to-Speech Voice Created?

This is how the ReadSpeaker VoiceLab helps you to bring your digital branded voice to customer touchpoints

Touchpoint assessment We jointly explore the customer touchpoints on which your branded voice will be heard in the short and medium term. You decide where your voice will be applied first.

Branded voice specifications We help you define the voice profile which suits your brand best. This profile will include brand personality, brand values, and tone.

Selection We create a longlist with voice actors that match your voice profile. We can also consider a celebrity or a professional voice actor you already work with for your campaigns. Your evaluation of the longlist will result in the shortlist..

Testing Using a few recorded sentences, your target audience’s intuitive response to the voices on the shortlist is tested. Choosing a voice is a delicate process as this unique voice will stay with your brand for years, maybe even decades.

Recording The ReadSpeaker VoiceLab works with the chosen voice actor for a series of intensive recording sessions.

Processing Our linguists and technicians process the recorded audio using the latest Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology, and engineer, test, and deliver your high-quality digital custom voice for the first priority touchpoints.

Acceptance and fine-tuning Your acceptance team is invited to test the digital voice in every possible way.

Deployment The ReadSpeaker VoiceLab works with your IT-department to install our on-premise or public/private cloud based solutions to make your voice available to the customer touchpoints you defined. After this, your own branded voice is ready to make your brand shine and resonate with your audience.

The process above is our best practice approach. The ReadSpeaker VoiceLab is flexible and will work to meet your requirements, according to your timeline, to make sure you benefit most.

Benefits of ReadSpeaker Custom Voices

A ReadSpeaker Custom Voice brings a whole new dimension to your brand. Here’s how you benefit.

With the range of benefits available now, and more on their way as new features are launched, ReadSpeaker believes all brands will have their own custom voice in the future. It’s just a matter of time.

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Connect with customers in locations where communication has traditionally been difficult. For example, during outdoor sports activities, or when visual concentration is key, like when driving a car. Or even in the shower, to add shampoo to their shopping basket.

Brand recognition
Custom voices make your brand instantly recognizable, especially when you make your unique voice available across all consumer touchpoints. Recognition is the basis for trust.

Optimize conversion
With a higher trust level, you’ll remove (unconscious) doubts on the customer side (brand identification or recognition) and this will have a positive effect on conversion.

Build your brand from within
Unlike celebrities or actors talking about your brand, your custom voice is the full 100% representation of your brand personality. Warm associations sparked by a branded voice will be in the heart of your customers’ neural association networks, improving likeability and preference.

As every sentence is generated on the fly, a digital voice fluently combines linguistic elements such as product names, specifications, quantities, prices, and time dynamically. You can even add other elements of your sonic branding, such as your audio logo.

Once your own digital voice has been generated, you no longer depend on the availability of a voice actor and on recording sessions. This prevents extra costs and delays, and gives you the flexibility you need to anticipate changes in the market.

Continuous dialogue
When customers switch from a visual device such as a laptop to a voice-only device such as a smart speaker, or vice versa, using the same voice (together with smart conversational AI) keeps the conversation with your brand going in a way that feels natural.

Voice enable your product
Whenever your customers are in the vicinity of your products, your voice can be there to inform or instruct (e.g. for product assembly : ‘Ok, …, how does this work?’).

Build a conversational routine with your brand into customers’ daily lives. Once they have decided to go with you instead of your competitor, continuous dialogue helps to deepen the relationship.

When Will Your Brand Have Its Own Voice?

Are you one of the growing number of brands getting a head start in voice-first UX?

Do you want more than a generic voice to set the way your brand sounds apart from other brands?

Are you enhancing your strategy for building relationships with consumers through interactive experiences?

Do you want your brand strategy to be primed for success in a voice-first world?

Then it’s time to ask ReadSpeaker about your exclusive custom voice and contact us today.

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