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ReadSpeaker brings content to life. We deliver world-class text to speech (TTS) products that help you easily deploy high-quality text to voice solutions in your services, applications and devices – on any platform.

Give your multimedia apps, embedded and mobile devices, desktop and network/server applications a lifelike voice. Say goodbye to costly studio recordings, maximise engagement and extend your business reach. Effortlessly deploy audio content at any time using the most advanced, lifelike TTS software in a wide array of voices and languages from around the world.

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Please contact us at tts.licensing@readspeaker.com or fill in the form below if you require other languages.

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Our Text-to-Speech Products

ReadSpeaker TTS Engine SDK

Our TTS engine comes with a versatile SDK designed to support developers to build engaging customer applications. Leverage our SDK and choose from ReadSpeaker’s vast portfolio of lifelike voices to integrate a versatile TTS solution seamlessly into your applications.
> Find out more about ReadSpeaker TTS Engine SDK

ReadSpeaker TTS Server SDK

The ReadSpeaker TTS Engine also comes with our Server API and SDK to enable flawless dynamic multi-thread speech sessions. Integrate ReadSpeaker TTS voices in your client-server architecture and run your voice services efficiently.
> Find out more about ReadSpeaker TTS Server SDK

ReadSpeaker TTS Embedded SDK

The ReadSpeaker TTS SDK also supports developers with all the necessary tools to create the best embedded speech applications, from mobile devices to any kind of device you can imagine.
> Find out more about ReadSpeaker TTS Embedded SDK & Mobile SDK

ReadSpeaker SAPI TTS Voices

Do you need highly accurate, intelligible ReadSpeaker TTS voices to use with Microsoft SAPI-compliant software? Choose from ReadSpeaker’s vast portfolio of SAPI voices. ReadSpeaker SAPI voices can also function as a multi-thread server.
> Find out more about ReadSpeaker SAPI TTS Voices

ReadSpeaker TTS Studio

For the ultimate offline voice content creativity, choose the ReadSpeaker TTS Studio. The freedom to create, customize, and mix lifelike speech content from your desktop and have your content ready in seconds.
> Find out more about ReadSpeaker TTS Studio

ReadSpeaker Cloud & APIs

If you’d like all the benefits of speech-enabling your services without downloading software, check out our  TTS Production services, which include ReadSpeaker speechCloud API and ReadSpeaker speechMaker.

Custom TTS Voice Development

The voice a brand chooses for their services is its main spokesperson. A natural, approachable TTS voice persona can make all the difference in customer experience. If you have special requirements and want us to develop a custom TTS voice for you, we’re happy to meet your needs. ReadSpeaker offers custom development to support the platforms and technology that you leverage for your business’ success.
> Find out more about custom voice development


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