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Voice Cloning Software

You choose the speaker. We’ll emulate the voice.

ReadSpeaker’s proprietary voice cloning software produces text-to-speech (TTS) voices that are indistinguishable from the source. We also offer a broad range of TTS engines that allow your cloned voice to speak across all your audio channels: smart speaker apps, interactive marketing campaigns, advertisements, and more.

We use deep neural networks—a type of artificial intelligence—to train voice models with recordings of human speech. The audio data determines the sound of the completed neural TTS voice. With voice cloning, we take that audio data from your chosen speaker and create a carbon-copy voice you can use in any of our TTS solutions.

Voice Cloning For Marketers

Text to speech production tools allow you to create voice audio files on the fly. Cloud-based TTS engines provide speech to your smart speaker apps, or read your website aloud for greater accessibility. Server-based TTS solutions power automated customer service phone lines and more. With voice cloning from ReadSpeaker, your brand representative’s voice can be heard in all these instances. Here are a few of the branding and marketing opportunities provided by voice cloning:
  • Take your thought leaders to a wider audience

    Let your visionaries speak directly to consumers without turning the C-suite into a recording booth. Voice cloning allows your company’s most recognizable influencers to narrate smart speaker experiences, advertising campaigns, and more, without saying a word.

  • Bring generational consistency to mascots and characters

    Is your brand represented by a fictional character? By cloning that voice, ReadSpeaker allows you to place your character in games, commercials, and experiential marketing efforts—without variations from one generation to the next.

  • Give your celebrity spokesperson broader reach.

    By replicating the unmistakable voice of your celebrity spokesperson, you can transform a single recording into infinite script performances to maximize the partnership’s value.

Endlessly Customizable Voice Cloning

ReadSpeaker voice cloning solutions are fully customizable to match every use case. Here are some of the advanced techniques the ReadSpeaker VoiceLab uses to make your cloned TTS voice perfect for every application:
  • Prosody transfer with voice cloning.

    Mix and match the sound of your target voice with expressive characteristics of other speakers’ voices. We can take the voice color (or timbre) from your speaker and blend it with the speaking style of another, creating any number of moods or styles for your cloned voice.

  • Cross-lingual cloned voices.

    Most TTS is monolingual. But by training your cloned voice’s acoustic models on multiple language data sets, ReadSpeaker can produce true multilingual voice clones, bringing your representative voice to a global audience.

  • Custom pronunciation dictionaries.

    Proper nouns, industry jargon, and dates and figures can be hurdles for some TTS voices. Our computational linguists provide ongoing support to ensure your voice clone sounds entirely human, with updatable pronunciation dictionaries for every use.

  • In addition to customizable voice clones, ReadSpeaker offers an extensive range of TTS engines to match any computing environment. We also provide production tools that generate voice audio files using your cloned voice, complete with studio effects, pitch and speed controls, and click-and-apply Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) editing. Contact us to learn more about SpeechMaker FX, our production tool for gaming and entertainment.

Voice Cloning in All Your Audio Touchpoints

Once you have your character, brand spokesperson, or industry influencer’s voice replicated, the options for its use are limitless. Here are some of the voice-cloning applications available to brands:

Smart speaker apps
Digital experiential marketing
Voice commerce
IVR systems
Internet of Things (IoT) devices
Virtual assistant personas
Website accessibility
Guidance and navigation systems
Video games and entertainment

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