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Since 2012, MyEducator has offered all-inclusive business courses on a variety of topics. Today, the organization offers more than 40 courses in subjects including Accounting and Finance, Business Law, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Organizational Behavior, and more. MyEducator courses are being used by more than 50,000 students at over 40 universities in 33 different countries.With such a huge student base, MyEducator recognizes the importance of accessibility of course content. All courses can be accessed via desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and any other Internet-connected device.However, simple accessibility wasn’t enough for MyEducator. The organization sought to ensure that students with reading or language difficulties could access course materials, and contacted ReadSpeaker.MyEducator has implemented ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology across its course offerings. All students can listen to course content simply by clicking the Listen button in the top right. No downloads are required, and the ReadSpeaker technology fits in with the accessibility principle of MyEducator: ReadSpeaker can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and all other Internet-connected devices, regardless of browser.
The benefits of being able to listen to course content are numerous. Busy students can listen on the go, and can download an MP3 of the course content audio to listen to at their leisure. Students with reading difficulties, including dyslexia, benefit from being able to listen to course content at their own pace, as the reading speed can be adjusted. Non-native speakers of the course language can also benefit from the ability to listen to text, and can improve their reading skills as they read along with the audio using ReadSpeaker’s synchronized highlighting.
MyEducator worked with ReadSpeaker’s support team to get the technology up and running. The implementation was very simple, and MyEducator has received positive feedback about the listen functionality in the course content.
When MyEducator launched ReadSpeaker in 2014, the Listen button was activated an average of 9,000 times per month. Since then, usage has grown to about 14,000 times per month, showing that students sincerely appreciate and take advantage of the opportunity to listen to course content to enhance their learning experience.
See how ReadSpeaker is used in MyEducator:

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Make course material equally accessible to a wide user base from diverse backgrounds.



Implement ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology on all courses.
Audio with synchronized highlighting for text.
Ability to download MP3 of audio to listen to at leisure.



Average 14,000 activations per month, and growing!
Engaged students on multiple levels: visual and audio.