Bimodal presentation refers to information that is presented in both audio and visual formats at the same time, such as reading the text, hearing the words, and having the words (and/or sentences) highlighted at the same time like the text-to-speech solutions with integrated highlighting that ReadSpeaker offers.

Bimodal content presentation aligns to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL), providing flexible ways to meet the needs of individual learners and giving all students an equal opportunity to learn and succeed.

There’s been a considerable amount of research done to showcase the effectiveness of bimodal learning on student success. View the video below to see the 5 benefits of bimodal content presentation:

ReadSpeaker’s suite of learning provide the ability for learners to engage with and absorb content in multiple ways. We enable courses, lessons, tests, quizzes, assessments, reading assignments, and any other text-based content to be read aloud while students follow along with highlighted text.

Our solutions can be easily integrated into institution’s learning management systems so it can be available for everyone to use and require no downloads by students.

Download the report to learn more about the various research studies in support of bimodal content presentation.