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Getting Started

The Customer Admin Portal

When you decide to implement one of our solutions, our Support team will either create a test account or, if an order has been signed, create your definite account and give you access to the Customer Admin Portal. Once inside the Portal, you will log in with the credentials given to you by the Support team.

Implementation Process

Inside the Portal, you will find detailed and precise implementation instructions for each product in your contract. Our implementation wizard takes you through each step. If applicable, there is also a link to our plugins page where you can download a plugin for your content management system or find information on how to implement ReadSpeaker webReader in some leading management systems.

Getting More Out of Our Products

Inside the Portal, you will also find a series of documents and links that help you with your implementation. This website also contains information about additional features and best practices. Finally, if you need more specific help with any step of the implementation process, our dedicated Support team is there to assist you.

ReadSpeaker webReader Step-by-step Implementation Instructions*

Please note that the following example implementation instructions are exactly the same when implementing ReadSpeaker webReader on a website and a mobile website.


  • Add JavaScript
  • Add Button code
  • Define the reading area
  • Add the page on how to use the listen function (recommended)

Add JavaScript

Place the script inside the head-section, right before the closing , on the pages or webpage template where the application is to be implemented. Please note that if you are using jQuery we recommend that our script is added after jQuery in the HTML code.

Add Button Code

To implement the button, the button code is to be inserted inside the element of the pages where the application is to be implemented. Our recommendation are that the button is placed near the text that is to be read.

Define the Reading Area

You choose what section of your site you would like to have read and highlighted by giving that element the same ID as the value of the parameter &readid in the query string of the ReadSpeaker call.

Add the Page About the Listen Function

Our recommendation is that you add a page to your website and mobile website called something like, “About the Listen Function: ReadSpeaker webReader.” The purpose of this page is to let your visitors know what webReader is, how to activate it, what it can do, and where to find instructions for use.

Test the Implementation

Try out your implementation by following these two steps:

  1. Click on the added button and make sure that the service reads the correct content with synchronized highlighting.
  2. Select some text and and click on the listen button while the selection is still active and make sure that the service reads and highlights the selected text.

*These are the standard implementation instructions.

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