Text to speech makes the online world – and beyond – available to people with learning disabilities, visual impairments and literacy challenges. Well-designed applications, websites and services give all users equal access to information and functionality. One of the tools that helps make this happen is text to speech (TTS). Deploy ReadSpeaker TTS and turn text-based content into audio and enable all your users to access information and communicate with others.

ReadSpeaker TTS products for Accessibility:

ReadSpeaker TTS Engine SDK
Leverage our versatile SDK and easily add your choice of ReadSpeaker’s vast portfolio of high quality, lifelike TTS voices to your applications.
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ReadSpeaker TTS Embedded SDK & Mobile SDK
Our SDK includes the tools to create the best embedded speech applications on mobile devices and on any device imaginable.
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ReadSpeaker SAPI TTS Voices
Choose from ReadSpeaker’s vast portfolio of highly intelligible and accurate Microsoft SAPI-compliant TTS voices.
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ReadSpeaker TTS products are a perfect fit for:

  • AAC Devices: designed to give users with speech disabilities a way to communicate easily, these devices translate symbols or typed text into ReadSpeaker’s natural-sounding text-to-speech. They can be fully customisable.
    Speech-enabled Websites: make sure you give end users another way of accessing your text by speech-enabling your website. ReadSpeaker has been speech-enabling web sites for 19 years.
  • Communication Devices: users with disabilities impacting the way they communicate rely on state-of-the-art assistive technology to express their ideas and communicate with those around them. Designed to provide easy access to an effective, pre-loaded communication system using pictures and phrases, these devices also enable users to customise their lexicon to convey their thoughts, emotions and requests in their day to day lives.
  • DAISY Digital Talking Books: these devices give low vision and visually impaired users access to digital content, text books, magazines, novels, newspapers, etc. They also enable users to have a personalised experience, such as bookmarking text or choosing a faster or slower speech rate. Our highly accurate, natural-sounding text to speech voices are the perfect fit for avid readers DAISY readers.
  • Computer Literacy Support Tools: Digital technology, digital media and devices are now widespread and part of everyday life in modern society. While using technology is a no brainer for young generations, digital illiteracy rates are still high among the older populations. For these users, online services and devices are not intuitive. By adding TTS, public bodies and companies ensure they bridge the digital divide and cater to the needs of all their users.