Broadcasting and Media

Text to speech allows you to reach the maximum audience when you broadcast critical information, or newsworthy content. Choose the most effective way to create and deliver content over the radio or on TV. Here are some examples of TTS applied to the Broadcasting sector:

VoiceText solutions for Broadcasting and Media:

VoiceText Engine SDK
Use our flexible, developer-friendly toolkit to integrate our portfolio of humanlike TTS voices seamlessly into your desktop or other PC-based applications.
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VoiceText Server
Seamlessly integrate VoiceText’s synthetic voices in your client-server architecture and run your intelligent voice services efficiently.
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VoiceText solutions are a perfect fit for:

Radio Broadcasting: in an emergency, broadcast alerts and warnings quickly across the airwaves. From 24-hour weather forecasts to environmental and public safety hazards, announcements inform each citizen immediately and clearly, thanks to TTS.

Set-top Box: enable users to browse interactive program guides and hear descriptions of upcoming TV shows, movies, summaries, and more.

Smart TV: users want more from their smart TV. Enable screen reading capabilities and let smart TVs read everyday weather notifications, news reports, movie descriptions, and more, out loud.

Traffic Alerts: enable customers to avoid traffic thanks to media voice alerts that warn them about accidents or roadworks and provide alternative routes and ETAs.

Weather Alerts: so your customers always know whether to take an umbrella or not. Provide up-to-date weather notifications for extreme weather conditions, such as tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes and more.