If you’re creating applications for the Entertainment sector, adding ReadSpeaker TTS software enables you to create compelling, natural-sounding content, which your users can save and listen to whenever their schedule allows it. Human-like text to voice also works on gaming consoles, apps, and entertainment websites.

ReadSpeaker TTS products for Entertainment:

ReadSpeaker TTS Engine SDK
Leverage our versatile SDK and easily add your choice of ReadSpeaker’s vast portfolio of high quality, lifelike TTS voices to your applications.
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ReadSpeaker TTS Server SDK
Leverage our Server API and SDK to seamlessly integrate ReadSpeaker TTS voices in your client-server architecture and run your dynamic voice services efficiently.
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Custom TTS Voice Development:

The voice a brand chooses for their services is its main spokesperson. A natural, approachable TTS persona can make all the difference in customer experience. If you have special requirements and want us to develop a custom text to speech voice for you, we’re happy to meet your needs. ReadSpeaker offers custom development to support the platforms and technology that you leverage for your business’ success.

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ReadSpeaker TTS products are a perfect fit for:

  • Gaming Consoles: low vision gamers and gamers who prefer not to read have the option of sending and receiving messages using text-to-speech to interact with their friends and the gaming community at large.
  • Game Content: give gamers immersive, lifelike experiences with read aloud storytelling . Assist players with hints and tips provided as voice prompts.
  • Mobile Gaming: Deploy TTS narration in mobile gaming to increase player focus and accessibility.
  • Set-top Box: enables clients to listen to programme and TV show guides, movie reviews, summaries, etc.
  • Smart TVs: deliver an enhanced smart TV user experience, enable your TVs to read daily weather notifications, news reports, sports results, movie descriptions, and more, in an accurate, lifelike TTS voice.
  • Talking Avatars: tailored to fit individual needs, talking avatars can be anything from a virtual receptionist to a personal assistant to lonely or elderly users.
  • Smart Toys: Children love interaction and smart interactive toys can add extra levels of fun and education in multiple languages with expressive, lifelike voices. These new-generation toys can teach anything, from ABC and numbers, to a world of discovery.