If you’re creating applications for the Entertainment sector, adding VoiceText TTS solutions enables you to create compelling, natural-sounding content, which your users can save and listen to whenever their schedule allows it. Human-like text to voice also works on gaming consoles, apps, and entertainment websites.

VoiceText solutions for Entertainment:

VoiceText Engine SDK
Use our flexible, developer-friendly toolkit to integrate our portfolio of humanlike TTS voices seamlessly into your desktop or other PC-based applications.
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VoiceText Server
Seamlessly integrate VoiceText’s synthetic voices in your client-server architecture and run your intelligent voice services efficiently.
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Custom TTS Voice Development:

The voice a brand chooses for their services is its main spokesperson. A natural, approachable TTS persona can make all the difference in customer experience. If you have special requirements and want us to develop a custom text to speech voice for you, we’re happy to meet your needs. We offer custom voices tailored to fit your preferred platforms and technology and designed for your business’ success.

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VoiceText TTS solutions are a perfect fit for:

  • Gaming Consoles: low vision gamers and gamers who prefer not to read have the option of sending and receiving messages using text-to-speech to interact with their friends and the gaming community at large.
  • Game Content: give gamers immersive, lifelike experiences with read aloud storytelling . Assist players with hints and tips provided as voice prompts.
  • Mobile Gaming: Deploy lifelike TTS narration in mobile gaming to increase player focus and accessibility.
  • Set-top Box: enables clients to listen to programme and TV show guides, movie reviews, summaries, etc.
  • Smart TVs: deliver an enhanced smart TV user experience, enable your TVs to read daily weather notifications, news reports, sports results, movie descriptions, and more, in an accurate, lifelike TTS voice.
  • Talking Avatars: tailored to fit individual needs, talking avatars can be anything from a virtual receptionist to a personal assistant to lonely or elderly users.
  • Smart Toys: Children love interaction and smart interactive toys can add extra levels of fun and education in multiple languages with expressive, lifelike voices. These new-generation toys can teach anything, from ABC and numbers, to a world of discovery.