Viral Marketing

Set up viral campaigns with VoiceText solutions: anything from widgets, gadgets to avatars. The latest social media marketing trends have ushered in new techniques for boosting brand visibility and desirability through so-called viral campaigns that are easier to track and measure. Once they’ve come into contact with a viral marketing campaign, consumers tend to have a greater tendency to react to a brand. Adding the TTS channel to your campaign gives it extra resonance and can help turn user-generated content into powerful marketing tools that consumers will remember and talk about.

VoiceText solutions for Viral Marketing:

VoiceText Engine SDK
Use our flexible, developer-friendly toolkit to integrate our portfolio of humanlike TTS voices seamlessly into your desktop or other PC-based applications.
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VoiceText Embedded SDK
Our complete development toolkit for creating the best synthetic speech applications on any kind of mobile or small-footprint device.
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VoiceText Server
Seamlessly integrate VoiceText’s synthetic voices in your client-server architecture and run your intelligent voice services efficiently.
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