VoiceText Engine SDK

Give your content, applications, and devices a natural voice.

VoiceText Engine SDK is the flexible, developer-friendly toolkit for integrating our portfolio of humanlike TTS voices seamlessly into your desktop or other PC-based applications. Give your content and applications a natural voice. Whether you’re developing new corporate e-learning software or taking an online banking system to the next level to boost end-user satisfaction, choose VoiceText to delight your customers.

VoiceText Engine SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate our high-quality synthetic voices into your desktop applications.


> Exceptional performance from natural-sounding voices
VoiceText’s synthetic voices are extremely accurate, clear and natural, and ready to express your content intelligently. Optimized for your specific platform, they’re designed to deliver the highest quality sound. Communication has never been easier or more effective.

> A world-class family of voices
Engage multilingual customers from across the globe. Today, VoiceText gives your content a voice in 20+ languages and 60+ voices. More languages are on their way.

> Create engaging content communicated in your voice
Effortlessly produce your voice content. With VoiceText Editor, you can tailor it to fit your application perfectly, controlling speed, pitch, volume, etc.

> Customizable dictionary 
VoiceText’s voices are equipped with a pronunciation dictionary that covers most of a language’s pronunciations. However, there are always exceptions and sometimes you need to add regional dialect variations and expand the standard lexicon. Fine-tune pronunciation, manage acronyms, get the nuance of names of people and locations just right. Add technical words that are specific to your business or industry. Whether you’re adding a list of medical terms or a newly coined slang word, it’s easy using the wide choice of phonetic alphabets we support.

> Flexible footprint
From 5 MB to 2 GB per voice – the choice is yours, depending on whether you need the highest definition voice for your contact centre or something lighter, VoiceText delivers according to your needs.

> A variety of audio formats
We support 16-bit linear PCM, 16-bit linear PCM Wave, 8-bit A-law PCM, 8-bit A-law PCM Wave, 8-bit μ-law PCM, 8-bit μ-law PCM Wave, 8-bit μ-law PCM SUN AU, 8-bit unsigned linear PCM Wave, 4-bit Dialogic ADPCM.

> Operating System and API Compatibility
Have it your way—Windows or Linux. Pick your operating system of choice and create your application using C-based APIs.


Operating System Windows, Linux: CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL. Can be ported to other OSs on request.
Architecture Intel 32 and 64 bit
CPU 1 GHz or faster
Voice footprint 5 MB to 2.2 GB (depending on synthesis type and voice quality)


  • Accessibility
    Make communication easier for people with speech disorders, vision impairments and dyslexia. Provide assistive text to voice applications and improve daily life for millions of users. Online services should also be accessible to user groups who tend to be more computer illiterate, like older citizens.
  • Announcement Systems
    Whether it’s to update passengers about a delayed flight at the airport or information about a famous monument, interactive audio kiosks are a great way to provide information.
  • Audio Publishing
    Make your content accessible to everybody. Enable drivers to listen to it on a reading app on their way home. Let your readers stay up to date on the news as they train for the marathon. And above all, let everyone who has difficulty reading enjoy the power of text to voice.
  • Education
    Improve learning outcomes – speech enable your content for e-learning, professional simulation, induction training, etc.
  • Electronic Gaming
    Immerse gamers in audio-driven storytelling. Assist players stuck in an area with voice prompts that activate over a hotspot. Delight your kids with a talking robot.
  • Transportation
    Deploy voice announcements in trains and buses to keep passengers updated on ETAs, delays and departures, next stops, etc.