How Digital Textbooks Increase Learning and Reduce Costs

This is post #1 of 4 in the series “How the Digital Revolution is Reshaping Education” The digital revolution has had a huge impact on education. While university students of fifteen years ago may have been lucky enough to have had their own desktop computer, today’s university student is often equipped with a laptop, smartphone, […]

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Text to Speech Offers Learning Support to Struggling Readers

Parents of students who struggle to read are concerned not only with helping their children with literacy, but also in promoting their child’s self esteem and ensuring a lifetime of learning. Children with learning disorders such as dyslexia not only have difficulties in reading, but also have trouble keeping up to grade level in the […]

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Non-Traditional Students in Tertiary Education

A non-traditional student is a student who: Delays enrollment (does not enter postsecondary education in the same calendar year that he or she finished high school) OR Attends part-time for at least part of the academic year OR Works full-time while enrolled OR Is considered financially independent for purposes of determining eligibility for financial aid […]

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Maximize the Value of Your ReadSpeaker Listen Button

Helping our customers get the maximum value out of our text-to-speech solutions is always really important to us. In our implementation steps, customers have access to best practices in how to place the Listen button.But there are always new ways (did you notice the blinking version of our Listen button on this post?) to customize the […]

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Accessibility in Libraries

The library is prevalent as a beacon of literacy in society. The library is accessible to everyone, whether to check out books for reading or to attend classes. People of all ages are welcome at the library, from the very young to the very old. Libraries offer many programs to better society, including programs aimed […]

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How Plain Language Can Improve Your Website Communication

When you publish a piece of web content, it has the potential to reach a wide, varied audience. That includes second-language readers, people of every education level, and people from all around the world. So choosing the right words, syntax, formatting, and structure is very important if you want web content to reach the maximum […]

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October is Health Literacy Month

We are halfway through October, but there’s still time to address health literacy, in honor of Health Literacy Month. This dedicated month was established in 1999 by Helen Osborne, M.Ed., OTR/L, a clinician and president of Health Literacy Consulting, and is designed to promote the importance of understandable health information for both organizations and individuals. […]

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3 Examples of Content Distribution Tools

In the digital age, text-based content alone is not enough to satisfy the media consumer. The rise of powerful mobile devices with high-speed Internet access allows users to consume every type of content, on demand, anywhere they go. If you want to appeal to users nowadays, you need to offer variety in media content delivery. That […]

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ReadSpeaker Celebrates International Literacy Day

In 1965, UNESCO proclaimed September 8 as International Literacy Day, which aims to highlight the importance of literacy throughout the world, on both an individual and societal level. “Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and a means for social and human development. Educational opportunities depend on literacy.” [Source: UNESCO] While there […]

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