Have web pages read to you with TextAid Web Reader

This is post 1 of 4 in the series “ReadSpeaker TextAid Feature Fridays” Whether you have comprehension or reading difficulties, or just prefer to have content read out loud to you as you multi-task, text to speech is an evolving technology that is worth discovering. Unlike earlier digital voices that had a robotic sound, the […]

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10 Facts about Community College Students

Community colleges in the United States are primarily two-year public institutions providing higher education and lower-level tertiary education. Community colleges may also be referred to as junior colleges, technical colleges, two-year colleges, and city colleges. Community colleges can be an alternative to four-year universities for students who wish to complete a vocational or technical certificate. […]

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ReadSpeaker’s expanding language library

At ReadSpeaker, we pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality voices available on the market today for any specific language. This means that we are constantly adding new languages and voices to our portfolio. One of the newest languages in the ReadSpeaker portfolio is Hindi, more specifically: Modern Standard Hindi. This is a standardised and Sanskritised […]

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10 Ways to Motivate a Reluctant Reader

Reading is essential to a child’s future, both giving them practice as well as opening their intellectual horizons and academic potential. Most parents and teachers know that the key to their child’s future is rooted in successful reading habits, but many still struggle with motivating students to read, especially boys and children with learning challenges. […]

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Disability Horizons: a 21st Century View of Disability

Disability Horizons is the United Kingdom’s fasted-growing disability lifestyle publication. Since 2011, Disability Horizons has published content on a wide variety of topics, in order to promote a future where disabled people can live exactly as they choose. Today, Disability Horizons has a rapidly growing monthly web audience of 30,000 people. A large amount of the […]

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Off-line Resources for Struggling Readers

While there is a multitude of on-line support for those dealing with struggling readers, sometimes you just want to some hands-on, face-to-face time. There is no substitute for meeting up with other professionals and families that are dealing with similar issues. Whether in a specifically developed centre or over a coffee, sharing ideas and inspiration […]

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The Story of ADNIV

Janna Carter, MFA, did her thesis study on autosomal dominant neovascular inflammatory vitreoretinopathy (ADNIV) and created the website, with a corresponding Facebook page,  to bring awareness to this fascinating yet tragic disease. The website reads like chapters in a novel, but the content is surprisingly real. On her website Janna presents the known facts about […]

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On-line Resources for Struggling Readers

Parents and educators that work with struggling readers are faced with many challenges such as helping the student stay at grade level and motivated, dealing with feelings of isolation and even bullying. However there is a growing amount of resources to help those dealing with learners with disabilities. Here are just a few sources for […]

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Municipality Raalte sees strong uptake in ReadSpeaker usage

The municipality Raalte of the Netherlands has been a trusted ReadSpeaker client since 2008: an ‘early adopter’ of text-to-speech technology. In December 2014, the municipality decided to improve the design of the ReadSpeaker listen button on its website, in conjunction with a change in the website’s CMS. The new listen button has led to an […]

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