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Q&A with Bracknell Forest Council

Bracknell Forest is one of the larger local authorities within the County of Royal Berkshire, located around one hour west of London. The Bracknell Forest Council has been speech-enabling its website with ReadSpeaker for the last two-and-a-half years. I spoke with Colin Stenning, Bracknell Forest Council Website Manager, about online text to speech, accessibility, and […]

Speech as a Service

For the content owner in any type of organization, getting your content in front of a maximum number of users is an ongoing battle. While there are several marketing options to extend the reach of your content, many content owners overlook some of the other tools available. There are many groups of users who can […]

Why Local Government Websites Need Tools Like Text To Speech

For local governments, reaching the maximum number of citizens with your local government website is very important. Whether it is for an emergency announcement, or to increase civic involvement, many people count on online information. Unfortunately, there are large groups of people in any community who are unable to read online content, for a wide […]

User groups that benefit from text to speech

For online content providers, the push and pressure to reach the maximum number of users with your content is constant. Of course, it all starts with the production of quality content that people will want to read, but it certainly doesn’t end there, as there are many people who either cannot or do not read […]

Moving Beyond Speech-Enabling Websites

You’ve no doubt seen that we’ve made quite a few changes to our product and service offering on our homepage. Since revamping our site in June of last year, we’ve undergone quite a few internal changes and we wanted our website to reflect that. More modifications are coming, but in the meantime, we interviewed our […]

How Universal Design for Learning Helps All Learners

Every learner has favored methods for obtaining, comprehending and retaining information. Some people are auditory learners, some are visual learners, and some are kinesthetic learners – most learn best through a combination of the three. In modern teaching environments, a real effort has been made to implement the Universal Design for Learning. UDL is a plan for teaching which, […]

Why EPUB 3 is Important for Digital Publishing

In 2012, e-book sales overtook the sales of print books for the first time ever, marking the tipping point in a paradigm shift that has been a long time coming in the publishing industry. With the rising popularity of e-books comes the need for an industry standard format for publishing accessibility, which EPUB 3, created […]

3 myths about text to speech

For blind users only… Not only. Text to speech helps millions of users such as people with limited literacy skills, learners, dyslectics, foreign-born, multitaskers, seniors and more. A Unesco report shows that 793 million adults in the world can neither read nor write. 30 million US adults have below basic understanding of the English language. […]

Does adding ReadSpeaker slow down a website?

We’re often asked by our clients if our Enterprise Highlighting service will slow down the loading time of their website. This is a question of great importance and we encourage more website owners to spend more time optimizing their website, thus giving their users a better experience when visiting the website. In this post, I’m […]